We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

My home computer has been infiltrated by a very nasty virus, ostensibly AND ironically promoting itself to be AntiSpyware software. I don’t know how I came to download it, because as soon as it popped up, I knew it to be bogus and tried to get far, far away from the darn thing. Alas, the damage was already done. And what a lot of damage it proved to be.

My IT guardian angels have laboured valiantly to cut the cancerous trojan out of my old wreck of a tower for several days now, but it looks like the patient died on the table. My computer has to be reformatted.

Which means, at home, I am cut off from cyber-space at least until next week. In the meantime, I shall:

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Mizz D

I'd love to get excited and make things….but first I'd have to Ditch Responsibility and Disappoint A Whole Lotta People (including myself). I need to learn to Schedule Realistically and Work Sanely….Say No, Stay Balanced and Stay Happy….the possibilities for posters are endless…sigh.

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