Welcome to my new home….and about the new name…..

Hello Subscribers and Internet Surfers!

How do you like my new place?

The old place (The Next Year of My Life) was a very comfortable and cozy home, but I felt it was time to stop…ahem…”renting” (not really – it’s free but I think you get my drift) from Blogger, and “buy” my own place (really – I am the proud and happy owner of my first domain name.) The irony of the above statement is not lost on me:  now I am truly a renter, of hosted space on the Internet for my new home.

Those of you who know Dutch probably know what Hete Bliksem is and those of you who don’t know Dutch are probably wondering how to pronounce it and what the heck it is.

What it sounds like: “HATE-uh BLIK-sem”. Say it out loud. There. You spoke Dutch, and no phlegm was required. (If you’ve ever tried to speak it, or know someone who does, I hope you are laughing at this point.)

What it means: Hot Lightning or Hot Flash of Lightning. Not sure which translation is the most accurate and really, does it matter?

What it is: a hot dish made of mashed potatoes and cooked apples, with some kind of smoked pork product (like bacon) thrown in for extra tastiness! I’ve been told the name comes from the fact that the dish stays hot for a very long time. Recipes abound in many variations on This Very Internet. Google it!

What possessed me to choose this name for the blog:

  • It’s Dutch.
  • It’s a hot dish of tasty comfort food * – these are good qualities for a blog!
  • I just came back from a trip to Holland to visit family, and having All Things Dutch on the brain, purchased a Dutch cookbook (Let’s Go Dutch, by fellow Canuck Johanna van der Zeijst Bates).  I saw the recipe in the book, and the rest is history.
  • I could have called it Blote Billetjes in Het Groen (another recipe from the book), but “Bare Little Bums in the Grass” might send the wrong kind of traffic to my site, if you know what I mean. (What IS IT with these Dutch recipe names?!?!)
  • I like watching lightning, from a safe, dry place of course.
  • I am in the “Hot Flash” time of my life, though I am currently no longer experiencing them thanks to a herbal remedy I am taking.
  • I think it’s a cool name. Did I mention it was Dutch?

*Nope, can’t recall ever eating it and I’ve certainly never made it. But every Dutch person I have talked to about this perks up at the mention and tells me it’s delicious. So now I just have to make it in the fall when the weather is right for this type of dish.

So here it is…Casa Hete Bliksem.  Come on in and make yourself comfortable.  Hope you like it here as much as I do!

Update on the Name (June 19/2011):

My cousin Peter informs me that Hete Bliksem is also a slang term for a “hottie”, an attractive woman who’s got it goin’ on. This usage is news to me and didn’t turn up on the internet when I was researching the name. Don’t feel it applies to me and don’t really need it to…but maybe someday, if  I get my mojo back…50+ mojo??? One can dream, I suppose. 🙂

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  • Wahoeeeeeeeeeee, your own place in cyberspace. You go girl! Great!

    I will pull up a chair, have a nice cup of tea (rooibos with pineapple and lemon) and have a good time here.

    I’m not sure, but I think “Hete Bliksem” is Dutch. (whahahahahaha), and it’s a great domain name. Better then “Blote Billetjes in het Groen” (now I can see bare bums sticking out of a big grass land).

    You will have a great time here on your new site.



  • Great Nice place you have here!
    Good for you for doing this.
    And thanks for making me attempt to speak Dutch this early in the morning!

  • Hi Deb,

    The blogsite looks good. Love the tulips.

    I hate to be a bringer of bad news (or good news, it’s just a matter of opinion), but the name ‘Hete Bliksem’ has another meaning too. Namely: a (more than) sassy woman, something like the Madame Jeanette I told you about.

    Love your blog. It makes me smile. And before I forget, thanks for the lovely letter, touched our hearts again.


  • Hey there Cuz Peter,

    What is this other meaning you are hinting at? I don’t remember you telling me about a Madame Jeanette. So a hete bliksem is a madam, a hooker?!?!?

    O! M! G! I should have run the name through you first!!!!


    A blushing Mizz D

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