About the Noise Level…

An Open Letter to my Fellow Gym Members who need Ear-Splitting Levels of Music to Work Out:

Isn’t it great that we belong to a 24 hour gym? One that lets us in to work out even when there is no one there to supervise? Yeah, I think it’s great too. Keeps costs down, and hey, we’re all adults, right? Meaning we are responsible users of the gym and won’t abuse the privilege of being able to be there at any time we want. Right?

So how come when I go in during unsupervised hours, often the gym’s sound system is cranked to brain-puddling levels? So loud, that I have to dial up my iPod to the max just to hear my workout music, AND I CAN STILL HEAR the gym’s sound system playing thrash-metal over top of it.  I don’t think it’s particularly fair that I have to choose to between getting fit and keeping my hearing, do you?

Forget it. Don’t bother to answer. It was a rhetorical question, dumba**.  There is no good reason/excuse to damage everyone’s hearing, including your own.

Speaking of iPods/MP3 players…why don’t you get one and crank it till your ears bleed. That’s right…YOUR EARS…and no one else’s.

So, the next time I go to the gym and I feel like my head is going to explode as soon as I walk in the door, I am heading straight to the sound system and pulling the plug. Please try to keep your ‘Roid Rage in check.

This has been a public service announcement for/by sane people everywhere.


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  • lol…. yeah good luck with that.
    Sound levels are usually at the discretion (or lack of) of the gym employees (formerly being one of such).

    Some studies say you get the best workout when it’s ‘too hot’ (I disagree with that, but then I also think “Hot Yoga'” is a totally stupid assinine rip off) and the volume is loud and has a driving beat, as that kind of makes you angry/agitated and you’ll work out harder.

    I found working in a gym, that you simply can’t please everyone, so I pleased myself by bringing in my own cd’s and setting the volume to mid-range. After all, I had to be able to hear the phone…..

    Great to read your writng, pal!

    • Yeah pal, good luck is right. I did complain to one of the trainers there last weekend. He said basically only gym employees are allowed to touch the music, but I am sure I have seen non-employees messing with it on the weekends so maybe they need to password-protect the computer? Anyways he agreed with me, and hopefully the situation will be rectified.
      Hot yoga – never tried it – but I don’t do well with heat + exercise so why would I pay someone to inflict that on myself? Sounds good in principle, warm muscles stretch better etc., but how good is this for your body, which is desperately (in my case anyway) trying to keep you cool by any means possible, including making you faint?
      Thanks for the comment!

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