July Challenge: Become an Iron Maiden

Looking back on my Workout Log (see left sidebar for link) for June, I see a lotta pink (daily steps), a fair smattering of blue (brisk walks), sprinkling of purple (C25K training), and one lonely little green entry (strength training).

Oh Data, it’s such a marvelous thing! It allows you to make objective decisions based on the facts, just the facts, ma’am. And the fact is, I need to make strength training as much of a daily/weekly habit as snapping on my pedometer and going for a walk!

So, here is the July Challenge pour moi:

At least 10 minutes of strength training per day for every day in July. Simple yet effective, non?

I have three DVDs  (Tamilee Webb’s Tight on Time Hot Spots, & Tight on Time Body Blast, and Spark People’s  Fit, Firm and Fired Up in 10 Minutes a Day) to choose from, that offer just that – 10 minute workouts with weights, each workout focusing on different area of the body…and even one whole body 10 minute blaster. A month of these 10 minute workouts will lay the foundation for bigger and better sessions come August!

Happy Canada Day everyone!!!!

(especially my Canada Day baby…Mizz J. Happy Birthday dear daughter!)

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