CrazyTown Redux – the Golf Edition

One week from today, JD will be golfing. Specifically, it will be his Player’s Ability Test, the qualifying exam for the Canadian Professional Golfer’s association. He will be playing 36 holes of golf in one day, and needs to get a maximum score of 155 strokes to qualify for his “pro” status.

As you can imagine, every spare moment has been spent on the golf course and the driving range, the chipping and putting practice areas. Lessons have been booked with our favourite golf instructor guru god, the one and only Shawn Clement, who has been MOST generous with the time and energy he has devoted to JD.

All of this practice/instruction is paying off. JD is shooting the best scores of his life – scores that mean he will get his “card”. Still, many things could go wrong on the day of the PAT, and we are taking nothing for granted.

We are experiencing the worst heat/humidity of the summer right now. No one in their right mind would be on the golf course today. But that is exactly where we are headed this evening for another practice session. Because, of course, we are not in our right minds. We are in Golfing CrazyTown.

More to post later, should I survive. 😉

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  • Wishing you both good luck…. both in getting thru the heat wave we’ve been hearing about (has been like Spring/Fall here, not hot, just nice, but too much rain) and in JD passing the test!

    Hugs, K!!

  • Thanks Pal. Today “only” 32°C, still humid. No rain for weeks now.

  • I had some catching up do do, had to read all of your new entries on your blog…. I subscribed to your blog, but the e-mails saying you had updated did not reach me. So I signed up again and hope they will now.

    Love the pictures from you holiday here in Holland. Hope to see both you and JD soon.

    Ton and I trying to make plans to have a “whole” two week vacation to go to Graceland, then San Fransisco to see the S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien and then come to Canada. All cramped into two weeks just because, you know, having a busyness of your own, the two weeks are a blessing… Hope to do it next year, but my guess is in two.

    Hope JD will pass the test. Keeping my fingers crossed for him. (so please do not mind the typo’s because typing with crossed fingers is horrible)

    Love the corn comic… hahahahahahahahaha. In my head I could hear the popping outside….

    Here the weather is awful, rain all over the place and only about 16°C. But this means we can use our new wood burner (I will not call it what Ton calls it, although it’s what’s it’s called that way in New Zealand)

    Like the fact that you both start your Masters. It might be a good thing to do it both at the same time… Might… whahahahaha But your marriage will be strong enough to survive it! I’m sure of that!!!!!!!

    Well enough joking around… Hope you two are great and hope to talk to you soon, and see you both IRL…. We will stick to blogging and e-mailing for the time being.



  • Thank you Helen!

    It would be fantastic to see you guys again, over here!

    Good to hear from Ton, that you are feeling better and back to your usual life!

    Jeff didn’t pass the PAT due to a lot of factors (weather, nerves, exhaustion) but he has booked to play in another tournament in August that is spaced over 2 different days and we hope he will get the right scores in this one.

    love and hugs,


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