The Power Behind Writing It All Down.

July Goal accomplished.


Check the Workout Log Calendar page for details. I lost another 2 inches (5.5 in total since end of May), and am 7 lbs down since end of May also. Seven pounds lost over 2 months may seem like a snail’s pace to some (OK, to me too) but when I put it in context with my schedule, the amount of eating out we did last month, the various July celebrations that involved food (MBA acceptances, birthdays etc.), it’s actually amazing that I didn’t gain weight.

This is an especially sweet victory for me, as July WUZ HECTIC…sigh. Most of my free moments were spent at the golf course or the driving range, helping JD prepare for his Playing Ability Test on the 28th (which he sadly, did not pass…but we are trying again this month!). Usually, when my life goes to the proverbial “hell in a handbasket” (meaning I have little or no time to think/plan/prepare, only to react), all of my goals/dreams tend to be unceremoniously dumped and I revert to pure survival mode…whatever gets me through the day.

But, this month was different. Although I stopped my Couch to 5K Training¬† (which proved to be too much on top of walking 9-18 holes of golf most evenings, with the ensuing Golfer’s Rash due to the extreme heat),¬† I managed to do 31 times 10 minute strength training workouts as per my goal. People, I cannot stress enough how major this is for me. It means I can take the CrazyTown exit on my road through this life and still work towards my goals, successfully!

To what do I attribute my success? Extreme willpower? Supreme focus? Superlative time management skills?

No, no and especially NO.

Two words. Blogging and logging.

First, I put it out there, to the universe, so to speak. I blogged about my goal for July.

Then I made sure to update my calendar page daily with my accomplishments. Yep, I stopped just short of giving myself digital gold stars (I would if I knew how, believe me)…but I entered in all of what I did in the July Calendar and that inspired me to just DO MORE so I could fill that sucker up.

And it kept me accountable. I could review it to see what days I missed in my strength workouts and then I could double or triple them on a less crazily overbooked day to catch up.

I also logged my food and exercise at, a fabulous site for those in the mood to improve their health and fitness by writing it all down. What… you mean the more I move, the more I can eat? Well, sign me up!!!!! Accountability PLUS incentive – what more do I need?

So here we are at August 1 and I am still residing in CrazyTown as JD has signed up for another couple of qualifying tournaments this month (fingers firmly crossed for him!). This time instead of 36 holes in one day, he is playing 18 on the 16th and another 18 on the 30th, in order to get those qualifying scores. Another month of living la vida golf loca.

However, still basking in my July goal success, I am not going to let that deter me from setting August goals.

Goal #1 – Purging/organizing at Chez Mizz D. I am setting a goal of 10 hours this month. 2.5 hours per week. Doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? But it’s 10 more hours than what I am currently doing, so that is, indeed, A LOT.

Goal #2 – Continue with Strength Training. I did just over 5 hours of this activity in July (310 minutes to be exact) and need to keep that up. So another 5+ hours is my goal, at a minimum.

Two goals. One crazy month. It can be done. It shall be done.

Who’s with me? Who else wants to put their August goals out there?

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  • This is great news pal…. so happy to hear you are meeting your goals!
    Sorry to hear about the golf trials…. but maybe that was just a warm up & the next 2 tests are where he shines! Will be crossing my fingers for you both…..

    If you can, email me your address… I’d like to send you your B’day gift, but want to be sure it goes to the right place!

    Yahoo!!!!! For goals!

    • Thanks Pal!
      Yeah, we’d like to think of it as a very expensive learning experience, and really hope his scores will drop significantly at these next tests.
      My address – still at the old place mostly, but at the other one as well every day so both will work. I will email you both addresses.
      Have a great week!!!!

  • Wow you did well…. I applaud you for reaching your goals for this month!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m very sorry to hear JD did not pass his PAT. I think doing it in segments will be better, not to many holes in one day. Again I will keep my fingers crossed… Hence the typo’s (again)…

    My goals for August, hmmmm think think think…. I’m not a goal setter as I never reach them. Maybe I set my goals to high and fail miserably, so I quit doing that. It’s not good for my mental health (hahahahahahaha). Ok one goal, keep up trying to get better health wise.

    I’m sending a digital gold star (but I’m not sure it will show up, I do not know if I can post images here)

    • Thanks Helen!!!!
      I’m all about taking small goals and building on that success. I used to set very high goals that I never reached and that just gave me an opportunity to beat myself up even further. I understand what you are saying!

      So now my goals are really clearly defined and quite small. I’ve always needed goal setting to get me moving and keep me focused…or else I just drift along…and time passes….and eventually I wake up and go “what the h*ll am I doing here, with my life?!?!?”

      If you are happy with your life and love it the way it is, no need to set goals. They are only for changes you want to make. And although I do love my life (mostly), I feel the need to make changes to make my life better, to optimize it. To do the things in life I still want to do, and have a healthy aging process to make sure I have the energy to do it.

      Have a great week! Hugs to you and Ton!

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