In Which Our Heroine Wants to Crawl into Her Virtual Life and Stay There

Serenity Now...and Always, in Mizz D's Life

If only my life were really like this picture. Neat, tidy and serene. Always a steaming cup of tea at the ready,  in my grown-up version of a sippy cup (which is the most brilliant thing, really…hie thee to a store and get one, if you don’t have one already). Dollar Store Buddha nearby, for constant  inspiration and meditative focus. Healthy, happy greenery contributing to the ambiance.

While my actual  life can be chaotic, here on my blog – in my virtual life – I can create the kind of world of my dreams. By clearing off my meeting table in my office, washing and dusting the surface, and carefully staging the picture to give you the impression of calm and order. Peaceful, ain’t it?

If the tea bag could talk, this is what it would say about the above photo and caption:

Tazo Tag speaks the Truth of the Situation

(And by the by there, Tazo – what gives with the facsimile of an old-timey,  fountain pen-scratched name on the tag? Am I supposed to actually believe that Esq. Joh…something something…etten penned his signature in approval on this very batch of tea, of which I purchased a portion? For shame!)

August is almost over and I am pretty sure I will meet my purge/organize goal but my strength training goal will fall short of the 5+ hours I wanted to achieve. I am not too happy about this, but I must will learn from this and move on.

So, what happened that I couldn’t fit the workouts in? Well, for one thing, I started with a new DVD of 15 minute workouts and holey moley, they made me sore! More sore than I am used to, thanks to Ms. Jackie Warner and her Power Circuit Training.

And for another thing, I didn’t take good care of myself in the sleep department this month either. Early mornings after late nights equals one pretty hairy accumulation of sleep debt, and lack of energy for physical exertion as the body fights to conserve whatever is left, for daily living. Naps help, but in a “band-aid” fashion – nothing beats a good night’s sleep, as I found out on the odd occasion I got one.

Sore, tired, cranky, uninspired. Yep, that was me in August. Thank goddess the month is just about done. Time to focus on the next.

It’s almost September and soon I will be married for one year. Today I worked on this, as a surprise for JD:

First Anniversary: Paper

Shadowbox featuring our wedding invitation – with leftover papers from its creation, unused place cards, JD’s corsage, my throw-away bouquet (that I didn’t), hairpins from the day and sparkly gee-gaws from my actual bouquet (which is still hanging in my office and too big for the box). I sure hope he likes it!

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  • How can he not love a gift made with care and…. love? I think the gift is great.
    And early Happy Anniversary my friend!

    I understand about your quest for zen.
    My ‘Happy Zen Place” is creating, my painting, putting something out there.
    Usually, because of work stress & unpredictable hours, I find it hard to have the energy to do what gives me the most pleasure…. which is sad. Am struggling to find the path to that happier place!

    I know one thing is to focus on what you (we) have done, and not on what we didn’t. Like you, I’d hoped to be in the gym more this past week…. but that didn’t happen. I made it in 2-3 x. But then, I was off for 2 MONTHS!!!
    Gotta cut myself some slack.

    I love reading yur blogs – always ispiring and life I can relate to.
    Hugs to you & here’s to you finding more of your happy time!

    • Hey Kim

      Thanks for the comment and the anniversary wishes!

      Yes, let’s cut ourselves some slack…and also reflect on what we can do different to allow more Zen moments in our lives! That’s my long term goal (post-move, post-MBA) anyways…

      Here’s to everyone finding more happy time!

      hugs, D

  • Oh wow, the shadowbox looks great…. I wish I was that creative! You did very well on the surprise for JD! I know he will be thrilled…..

    The adult sippy cup. How I wish we could buy them here. I never seen one here before, ok the throw away types when you go to Starbucks, but never have seen the re-usable onces. Maybe I’m wrong and did not just look in the right stores.
    Ton would like it for when he’s working. He’s a tea addict, loves it the English style with lots of milk.

    Take good care of yourself and get some good night rest.



  • Hi Helen

    My sippy cup was a gift from a friend. I have seen them in the stores though, so I will be on the lookout for one for Ton – a nice manly one, that can be seen in his shop!!! Haha!

    Thanks for the comment on the shadowbox. I hope Jeff likes it, and I think he will as he is very sentimental.

    love D

  • Hey Deb! I tip-toed into your space just now and liked what I saw. This is just wayyyy too fun, not? Loved the shadow box too…..did hubby like it? You’re quite creative.
    By the way….could you send me your email addy, and I can forward some photos from the other night? The photos turned out quite nice, you will like them.
    I am resolving once again to try a blog space for myself. Someday when Martin is standing still, I’ll get him to set me up. Perhaps it can be my September goal.
    Love you, Hetty

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