Blogging the MBA

This arrived in my InBox today:


You’ve been invited to Financial Post | Business at as a contributor.

If you don’t care, just ignore this email.  🙂



If I don’t care? Ignore this email?

Are. You.  Insane. WordPress?

I’ve been so excited to tell everyone about this opportunity but also so scared that something would go wrong and it wouldn’t happen. So I kept my yap shut. Till now.

What happened was this. The Director of Communications at Athabasca University, Chris McLeod, contacted me to see if I wanted to blog about my MBA experience for Financial Post, as they had contacted him for names. They want at least one student from each business school in Canada to blog their way through their MBAs, from start to finish.  Chris read my personal essay (submitted as part of admissions process) and liked my writing style. Said it “stood out”, to him. He also read a little introduction I wrote for my fellow classmates, in which I listed one of my hobbies as blogging.

So he called me. And I practically jumped through the phone to hug him, for considering me for this “gig”, so to speak (I won’t be paid – except in exposure, which is OK!).

I’m going to write my first post this weekend. And will let you know when it’s published and where to find it.  I believe the MBA student blogs will be found at  “Inside the MBA”.  Stay tuned!!!!!

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