September Schedule Smackdown

Well, here it is – September 9 and I haven’t set any goals. And August was kinda abysmal with respect to reaching any of my goals, in case any of you had been following my calendar updates. And there are a few damn darn good reasons.

Reason #1 – not getting enough sleep. People, sleep is important. Like eating food-important. Like breathing oxygen-important. Like drinking water-important. Short yourself on sleep and soon you do nothing but live in a slow-motion world, your brain in a fog, your memory shot. Short yourself on sleep and it will sneak up on you when you least desire it. Like when you come into the office when it’s quiet so you can get stuff done, uninterrupted…only to find yourself nodding over your keyboard in very short order. Short yourself on sleep and you will develop an annoying and almost constant nervous twitch in your right eyelid. Short yourself on sleep and you will turn into an evil bitch not nice person. Short yourself on sleep and you will find vulgar words creeping into your vocabulary.

Not that any of these things have happened to me. Oh no. Just saying, is all. Stuff I’ve heard, you know…

Reason #2 – working like hell heck on the house exterior and yard, to try and give it curb-appeal, for eventual selling. For us, this means making up for X years of semi-neglect in a couple of weeks. Got the picture? Winter is coming (GAH!) and we are running out of time and good weather. Driveway repair and sealing, painting, and fixing the wreck of the backyard (AKA my failed experiment at a kitchen garden AKA the garden that only someone with a red blood cell count of 77 could create and maintain…in other words, Weed City). Note: My RBC has improved greatly since the great backyard experiment was attempted; alas, my garden has not.

So, I was thinking tracking and especially UPPING my sleep hours would be a great goal for this month. However, next week JD and I are flying to Vancouver for a work meeting for me, and due to his insane busy work schedule we are forced into taking late night flights so already it’s looking bad in the Catching Z’s department. And when we come back, we may be leaving again shortly for northern Ontario for yet another golf tournament, if JD gets the nod to play.

So, I think I will cut myself some slack this month. October may be the Sleep Goal Month. It’s also the Start of the MBA Month (my first Financial Post blog entry is supposed to be posted this weekend!).

And the saga of “Will We Ever Get Moved?” continues….

P.S. JD loved the 1st Anniversary Is Paper Themed Shadowbox. Score!!!

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  • Well Pal, it sounds like you did a lot on very little sleep & energy.
    That’s to be commended…. so you didn’t do as much as you wanted in some areas but you got things done where they really needed doing & that’s pretty important.

    Awesome that JD loved the shadowbox…. he’s got good taste. In artifacts AND women! 😉

    How did it get to be Fall so fast? It’s really cool here the last few days, feels like October. Brrr…THANK you for the B’day card! Love it!!!!
    hugs & XO

  • D, I don’t believe you could be an evil bitch if you tried, lack of sleep or otherwise. You’re too nice for it. 😉

    If you come up with a good way of tracking sleep, please let me know! I need more too.

    • Thanks Nom. Glad my crankiness hasn’t come across too badly! Basically I just thought of tracking sleep on my calendar, along with all the other stuff I already track.

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