Cottage Cheese is the new Oatmeal

Yes, it’s me.

I am still here.

Still workin’ hard, studyin’ hard, living completely out of balance….sigh.

I will be finished my second course of the MBA on Sunday night. Sunday night, while most of the world will be glued to the TV, watching the Oscars, I will be hammering out my last assignment for my Human Resources Management course. Someone tell me who wins in all the big categories, OK? Not that it will mean too much as I haven’t been to a movie since I started the MBA. But a gal can dream…

JD and I have been doing a bit of studying on nutrition lately, in our free moments. There is a lot of information out there on grains, whole and otherwise, and how they may not be doing a body good.

So, tying in nicely with the Lenten season, we are going to give up grains. Which will be difficult for a couple of carboholics such as we. Extremely. Like giving up smoking, or maybe crack, I think. (Sorry Whitney, rest in peace).

A experiment with 2 subjects. To see how we feel on a diet of vegetables, fruits, protein (including dairy) and fat only. You might call me Paleo Woman. I’ve been looking at the Paleo websites out there too. To see if it makes sense, and so far it mostly does. Except for the raw milk only thing, or the no dairy at all thing. And I really don’t want to be eating steak for breakfast. Not at this point in the journey, anyways.

So, for me, cottage cheese is the new morning oatmeal. And more vegetables are the new bread/potatoes. Looking forward to food cravings being reduced (that much I remember from trying Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet a number of years ago), and of course hoping to lose the extra…ahem…me, that is hanging on, especially at this…ahem…special time of my life.

I’ll keep you posted.

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  • You Go Girl! I’m sure you’ll feel tons healthier…..keep us posted. I’m too lazy to try something as ambitious as that, plus, I don’t think Greg would to try this diet, and I can’t do it by myself! Lucky for you that Jeff will go with it, eh?

    • Hey Hetty!

      I will certainly keep you update on our progress! Yep, it sure helps if all members of the household are on board. Already we feel less bloated, so that’s good!

  • Can you eat Quinoa? It’s not officially a grain – it’s a seed, and a fav staple of mine. I do so much better without any of the grains, though I do eat some brown rice now and again.

    I hope you are getting some time for yourself now….and good luck with your studies!!!

    Good to see you writing again. I was wondering last week if I had accidentally unsubscribed – when I hadn’t heard from you!
    Hugs & Happy Saturday pal!

  • Hey K!

    Quinoa – I say yes, and yes to rice too. But for now, till I get my inner carb monster under better control, I am abstaining from those items. There is so much information on the web on diet – some say quinoa is a super food, others lump it in with grains. I say it all depends on how it affects you! If you can tolerate it, go for it!

    I have a big project due for my course Sunday night, then off for 2 weeks till the next one starts. I hope to be posting more regularly after Sunday, for a little bit anyways.

    You have a great weekend too!

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