I hate the way people drive these days.

Have you noticed the amount of aggression on the roads lately? I certainly have. I don’t remember people driving this way in my youth. Especially not women. Sure, there was the occasional “mental patient” out there (“Must be late for his psychiatric/anger management appointment” is my husband’s droll response upon experiencing one of these types of drivers, usually)….but these days….well, it’s a whole ‘nother story.

Every day tests my resolve not to give these yahoos the finger, leave a note on their car, or otherwise vent my disgust at them using the road as their personal motorway, and to hell with my (and everyone else’s safety). Clearly we did not get the memo that they own the road and to get the hell out of the way because they are coming through and MUST NOT BE IMPEDED IN ANY WAY. I must have misplaced mine….again.

Yesterday I was coming home from a lovely dinner with my mom and daughter, driving on a bridge, and I noticed in the rear view mirror that the car behind me was driving too fast and too close. I switched my attention to the line of cars ahead of me that were slowing down rapidly. Thus I had to touch my brakes to slow my own (traveling a safe speed and stopping distance) vehicle down. I fully expected to be rear-ended by Ms. (yes, it was a female) Tailgater. Because we were on a bridge, there was no where for her (or I) to go in order to avoid a collision. When I looked in the mirror again, it was apparent she had seen my brake lights – but because she was following too closely she had to STOMP on her brakes in order to avoid colliding with my car’s rear end.

What happened next certainly surprised me, but maybe I am just that naive. Ms. Tailgater proceeded to lay on the horn and gesticulate wildly (I always wanted to write that!) at ME. Like I had done something wrong. Obviously I did, I guess. I did not read the memo yet again, the one that said she was ON HER WAY SOMEWHERE IMPORTANT and MUSTN’T BE SLOWED DOWN IN HER PROGRESS TOWARDS THE DESTINATION. The one that said “IF YOU SEE ME APPROACHING IN THE REAR VIEW, JUST PULL OVER TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD I OWN. THINGS WILL GO BETTER THIS WAY FOR BOTH OF US, TRUST ME.”

I didn’t react to her. I didn’t give her the finger she-oh-so-richly deserved. You know the finger I mean. The finger that speaks volumes without saying a single word. That finger.

I did smile though.

And my smile got bigger and bigger as I noticed the huge distance she kept between our cars as we started moving again in traffic.

Do you think she learned anything? Or am I just being optimistic that her post-incident response meant she had seen the error of her  road-hogging ways?


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My weight loss has stalled over the past few weeks, but I continue to feel thinner…no doubt about it.

So, time to whip out the tape measure!

The stats are in:

Chest – lost 1 inch

Waist – lost 4 inches

Hips – lost 2.5 inches

Upper arm – lost 1 inch

Thighs – lost 2 inches

Imagine what these numbers could have looked like, had I actually had time to exercise (other than the chores of everyday life, and walks)!

I guess what the experts say is true – it IS 80% attributable to diet, when it comes to changing your appearance for the better.

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Between Course Update

One more course down….another dozen-ish to go!

This last course (Financial Management Accounting) was quite intense but also fun to do. For those who think math problems are fun, and I fully realize there aren’t that many of us out there. Ahem.

My next course, Marketing, starts on the 28th of May. Expect to spend 5 hours a week reading, the Study Guide says. Oh brother.

Er, I mean….oh goody!

Meanwhile, back at the Paleo Ranch….I am thrilled to report a loss of 10 pounds! I am aiming to lose another 10 by my birthday (end of July). This way of eating has been the easiest “diet” JD and I have ever tried. Our cravings have disappeared. We eat lots of satisfying, healthy food and don’t even miss the wheat.

And my acid reflux has disappeared, just as the blog-o-sphere said it would, immediately upon stopping wheat consumption. I was skeptical when I first read of people claiming that eliminating wheat would also take care of this problem. After all, (almost) all the medics, including my doc, say to stop the coffee, chocolate, orange juice, spicy foods, late night eating etc. etc. when having heartburn issues. Which I did, to no avail even while downing my nightly Nexium.

Now I have stopped the meds, drink as much coffee as I can st-st-st-st-stand, enjoy dark chocolate, hot sauce, oranges (never was a juice fan)….and can eat a big meal late at night if I choose to, and sleep like a non-colicky baby. No more heartburn.

Every weekend I make us a big batch of the coconut flour pancake recipe I perfected. Sometimes I use sweet potatoes, sometimes I use bananas, sometimes I use both in this recipe. Below is a picture of my Paleo Perfection Sweet Potato Pancakes.


So good with back bacon, sausage or what ever breakfast meat floats your boat. I’ve also made some fabulous morning glory muffins with almond meal, and today I made almond butter cookies.

Even if I hadn’t lost a pound, I would still embrace this way of eating just for the freedom from acid reflux.

JD is back working in the golf industry again – a local public course this year. Looking to be his best year yet in terms of job satisfaction. It’s in a part of the rural area surrounding the Village that I just love. And here’s the best part, every day when I go to pick him up, I drive through the back country roads and pass by:    TURTLE TOWN!

Condo livin' in Turtle Town?
Condo livin’ in Turtle Town?
Turtles, turtles everywhere!
Turtles, turtles everywhere!

It’s looking to be a great, albeit busy spring and summer!

I’ll close with a recent picture of me, clearly showing the positive physical effects of  my recent weight loss and of becoming a modern day cave woman:

Hey, a girl can dream - can't she?
Hey, a girl can dream – can’t she?


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