Between Course Update

One more course down….another dozen-ish to go!

This last course (Financial Management Accounting) was quite intense but also fun to do. For those who think math problems are fun, and I fully realize there aren’t that many of us out there. Ahem.

My next course, Marketing, starts on the 28th of May. Expect to spend 5 hours a week reading, the Study Guide says. Oh brother.

Er, I mean….oh goody!

Meanwhile, back at the Paleo Ranch….I am thrilled to report a loss of 10 pounds! I am aiming to lose another 10 by my birthday (end of July). This way of eating has been the easiest “diet” JD and I have ever tried. Our cravings have disappeared. We eat lots of satisfying, healthy food and don’t even miss the wheat.

And my acid reflux has disappeared, just as the blog-o-sphere said it would, immediately upon stopping wheat consumption. I was skeptical when I first read of people claiming that eliminating wheat would also take care of this problem. After all, (almost) all the medics, including my doc, say to stop the coffee, chocolate, orange juice, spicy foods, late night eating etc. etc. when having heartburn issues. Which I did, to no avail even while downing my nightly Nexium.

Now I have stopped the meds, drink as much coffee as I can st-st-st-st-stand, enjoy dark chocolate, hot sauce, oranges (never was a juice fan)….and can eat a big meal late at night if I choose to, and sleep like a non-colicky baby. No more heartburn.

Every weekend I make us a big batch of the coconut flour pancake recipe I perfected. Sometimes I use sweet potatoes, sometimes I use bananas, sometimes I use both in this recipe. Below is a picture of my Paleo Perfection Sweet Potato Pancakes.


So good with back bacon, sausage or what ever breakfast meat floats your boat. I’ve also made some fabulous morning glory muffins with almond meal, and today I made almond butter cookies.

Even if I hadn’t lost a pound, I would still embrace this way of eating just for the freedom from acid reflux.

JD is back working in the golf industry again – a local public course this year. Looking to be his best year yet in terms of job satisfaction. It’s in a part of the rural area surrounding the Village that I just love. And here’s the best part, every day when I go to pick him up, I drive through the back country roads and pass by:    TURTLE TOWN!

Condo livin' in Turtle Town?
Condo livin’ in Turtle Town?
Turtles, turtles everywhere!
Turtles, turtles everywhere!

It’s looking to be a great, albeit busy spring and summer!

I’ll close with a recent picture of me, clearly showing the positive physical effects of  my recent weight loss and of becoming a modern day cave woman:

Hey, a girl can dream - can't she?
Hey, a girl can dream – can’t she?


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  • Congrats on the course & good luck on the next one!

    Have not read up on the Paleo Diet, but it sounds like the way I eat….no wheat!
    I love coconut flour; oil & milk. Any & all baked typed goods I produce are made of almond, corn and or coconut flours. Been eating like this for a decade or more & have to say, have never suffered heartburn the way so many friends & co-workers have & do. Also eat a lot of quinoa & some brown rice, veggies & meat/fish but not so much beef. For whatever reason it seems to take forevah & a dang day to digest.

    Am now intensely curious & will have to go looking for this paleo diet!
    Congrats to you & great to read what you’ve been up to!

    • Hey Kim!

      Me too – loving the coconut oil and milk. I make a lovely vanilla pudding with coconut milk. Someday I hope to have enough time to post recipes.

      There are many paleo blogs out there, and some good cookbooks too.
      You might want to start with Mark’s Daily Apple – tons of quality information on his site.
      Hope you have a great summer!



  • Good going, Deb! It’s a big job to be at school plus work full time! I take my hat off to you & Jeff both.
    Yes, this “diet” is indeed interesting. Takes a bit of research plus determination to find your place, and it sounds like you have.
    Just LOVED your turtle photos! That’s so interesting, eh?
    Hope to see you soon.
    Love, Hetty

  • Hi Hetty!

    Thanks for your kind words!
    Yep, I love to see the turtles. Although they have been a little scarce lately. But I did see 2 big snapping turtles crossing the road on the weekend (a couple of miles apart). That was…weird? Two in the same day? Maybe they had an annual meeting to attend…LOL.
    Please let me know if ever you are down in this area – we can meet at Jeff’s golf course, have lunch or supper. I will email you also in case you don`t read this comment.

    love D

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