My weight loss has stalled over the past few weeks, but I continue to feel thinner…no doubt about it.

So, time to whip out the tape measure!

The stats are in:

Chest – lost 1 inch

Waist – lost 4 inches

Hips – lost 2.5 inches

Upper arm – lost 1 inch

Thighs – lost 2 inches

Imagine what these numbers could have looked like, had I actually had time to exercise (other than the chores of everyday life, and walks)!

I guess what the experts say is true – it IS 80% attributable to diet, when it comes to changing your appearance for the better.

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  • Wow…. Looking good. Let those inches melt off. As long as the inches go down it is great. Weight is not important, I’ve been told. With exercise the muscle mass builds so the weight loss might stall. I’m proud of you Mizz D!!!!!

    XXX Helen

  • Hey Helen!

    Thanks so much!!!!

    Sometimes I see you are online via Skype. Maybe we could make a Skype date and have a get-together sometime? It would be great to see you and Ton’s smiling faces again.

    love D

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