Quick ‘n Girlie

I am supposed to be here at the office on a rainy Saturday, doing homework and work/work, but somehow whipping up a little blog post seems more like the thing to do. So let’s be quick about it, shall we?

Alright! First topic: I loooooove this nail polish I impulsively picked up at Walmart a week or so ago. It’s sheer, it’s irridescent, it has unbelievable staying power. I am looking forward to applying it over opaque colours for a multitude of new looks with my old faves.


“Count on Me” to be the only polish you’d take to a desert island!

My poor photographic skills are no match for the sheer (get it?) beauty of this polish
My poor photographic skills are no match for the sheer (get it?) beauty of this polish

Next quick topic: Peonies. My neighbour brought me over a beautiful bunch from his garden. They have perfumed the whole house. I think, next to hydrangeas (for their staying power), these are my favourite flowers.

I wish you could smell these.
I wish you could smell these.

Last topic: the weather. Now, I am not saying that we caused this sudden onset of wet weather in an up-to-now very dry spring (although I do admit to doing a few mental and not-so-mental rain-dances while gardening).

But it does seem suspicious that it has rained every other day ever since we threw a whole lot of grass seed d0wn in the backyard. In fact the rain started just as JD and I were finishing up in the backyard and installing the now-unnecessary sprinkler, to get the darn seeds wet enough to germinate.

What are the chances that the weather gods would actually cooperate with us for a change? Maybe I should be buying lottery tickets. We could be on a roll here.

That’s all for now! We now return to our regularly scheduled homework.

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