Dems Fightin’ Words…and My New Blingernails!

After finding “Count on Me” and falling completely in love with that Nicole by OPI polish, I decided I must head back to WalMart and see if there were any more cool colours that I was missing out on.

I looked at the labels on the rack and saw these words. Best Pink Ever.

Huh, I thought. That’s a pretty bold statement. I’m pretty sure I already have the best pink nail polish in the world already at home, purchased several years before! But I was intrigued, and knew I had to try it out.

Then I saw the bottle. Dark purple with orangey glitter. Immediately I felt kinda deflated. Somebody had put the wrong polish in the rack, and I would probably never know what the Best Pink Ever actually looked like. Then I picked up the bottle to see what it WAS called.

Best Pink Ever.


Here’s what the polish looks like in the bottle:


And here’s what it looks like on my fresh pedi (thanks Tracy!):


I used to think OPI’s Not-So-Bora-Bora-ing Pink was the best pink ever, but I just may have to change my mind. Best. Pink. Ever. OK, it’s definitely a contender for the crown. I am liking it more day by day.

Now, without reservation, I can say that Kiss Nail Dress nail stickers are the most fun nail things ever. Peel and stick nail art. I can’t believe how much fun they are. Plus quick and easy to apply.  I can’t stop looking at my blinged up fingers:



I am easily amused, as you can see. Of course, all of this fun is a pleasant distraction from schoolwork. I will pay for this, but so far, at about $0.35 per nail, it’s worth the price. I love my new blingernails! (Good name for a competitor product….guess I’m still wearing my MBA student hat after all).

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