Weekend Blues

This is the last Tagxedo for a while, I promise (but isn’t it cute with the lightning bolt shape and all? So apropos for Hete Bliksem):


Makes me want to redo the whole blog so I can incorporate this into the header somehow (which I can’t do well with this blog template).  But that will have to wait for another time.

The weather here this weekend is absolutely perfect. No humidity, temps in the mid-20s, just the odd little cloud in the sky.But enjoying the weather will have to wait for another time.

I have a 2000 word paper due Sunday night at midnight, Alberta time. Which means I have till 2 am Ontario time. (Yay?).

Words written so far: 0

Words written in my head so far: about 173.

It’s times like these that I really question why I thought going back to school was a good idea. I mean, I already have a great job. It’s not like I couldn’t find something else (cheaper, less intense, and without the pressure of assignment deadlines, cheaper, yet still intellectually stimulating…did I mention cheaper?) to occupy my mind.

Then those 2 little words pop into my mind: career insurance. Oh yeah, that.

I flash back to the recent histories of some of my friends (who thought they were “set” for life, at their work, their “dream” jobs): passed over for promotion, or demoted with a change in upper management, or their position vanishes entirely, with a change in company direction.

Nothing in  life is certain. So back to the books I go!

I have promised myself that if I make good progress, I will take a short break to go for a walk in the glorious outside, to pick up something for lunch.

So with that rewarding thought, I bid you adieu. And please enjoy your weekend, so I may live vicariously through you!

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  • How about writing outside in the gorgeous sun?!!?

    Write away big sister! Write away,

    Think of me here in beautiful torrential storms, flooding, Ontario humidity and baaaaad lightening storms last night. Think then too of your niece’s soccer tourney…today! Playing in the torrential rain for ummmmm 5 hours maybe. Me sitting there cheering her on the whole time. By the final game it started to rain from the inside of my umbrella, we were that saturated. I looked up and said…..don’t we live in Canada’s Desert for crying out loud!


    I know you will make that deadline…you go girl!

    • Hey lil’ sis! Thanks for the comment! Sorry to hear about it raining INSIDE your umbrella. Holy moley, that is some rain! Especially for Canada’s everlovin’ desert! Hope things have improved by now!
      love D

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