Returning to the scene of the “crime”, and an update!

Back at the Ellis Chapel for Anniversary #2
Back at the Ellis Chapel for Anniversary #2

JD had to work today, so we planned to leave for work a little early, so as to stop at the little country chapel where we got married. Since we didn’t have the luxury of a photographer nearby, we did the best we could snapping our own pix. Above is my attempt.

Here is JD’s, after me gently coaching him to direct the lens so he would get in the picture too!

It takes two, baby yeah! Just me and you....
It takes two, baby yeah! Just me and you….

OK, let’s try this again. This time on the steps of the chapel:

Two years so far... only 23 years left till the Silver Anniversary!
Two years so far… only 23 years left till the Silver Anniversary!

So now he is at work, and I am at work too…trying to get some ahead a bit on some of my projects while no one is around and the phone doesn’t ring.

But before I do that, I want to update you on what’s been going on.

MBA Studies:

Halfway through Managerial Economics at the moment. It’s not half as scary as some of my classmates made it out to be. Sure the math is a challenge…I am finally having to use some of what I learned in High School Algebra and Calculus classes…but overall, it’s pretty interesting. Even if I’m not buying the Economic Theory of Consumer Behaviour…

Only one course left in Phase1 of the MBA. After completing Operations Management and successfully writing the Comprehensive Exam in January 2013, JD and I will be receiving our Post Baccalaureate Diplomas in Business Management. Then Phase 2 begins, which consists of 4 core courses and 3 electives plus an applied project (or one can choose to do 6 electives and skip the project).

Diet, Health and Fitness:

Drumroll please! I am now able to do 10 Manly-Man Push-ups in a row. Oh yeah, baby! I made this a goal of mine (for the second time) about 10 months ago on this here very blog. Well, I can finally cross this one off of my list. I followed the Oxygen plan for Pushup Perfection and it worked, even on me!

Another drumroll please! Since late last February, when JD and I decided to cut out carbs and adopt a more Paleo/Primal diet, I have lost 12 pounds and 13 inches. JD has also lost weight effortlessly, although he doesn’t have as much to lose as me. JD and I manage to stick to Paleo eating principles for about 80% of our diet.

Now, maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot of weight over a 6 month period (2 pounds per month), but considering how darn sedentary my life as a full time lab manager/grad student is, I am amazed. I mean, there are some days (quite a few actually) that I am lucky to log 3K steps on the ever-present pedometer, thanks to being chained to the desk and laptop. So other than an infrequent walk and some pushups, I have been doing zippo-dee-doo-dah in the physical activity department.

Things I love about eating this way:

  • It’s so satisfying – the food is great. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, meats, eggs, healthy fats, and some dairy. I don’t miss bread, potatoes or rice. The things I thought I could never do without (well, potatoes I was never big on). About the only thing I really miss is a bowl of cereal once in a while, but I am working on primal alternatives to that.
  • No more cravings
  • No more heartburn or acid reflux (have stopped taking my meds for this – no need anymore!!!) This stopped immediately upon removing wheat from my diet. I didn’t believe the blogs of others when I read about this happening, but it’s true, all true!
  • Can go for hours and hours without eating if I choose to, without the shakiness and ill-feeling of when I was addicted to carbs. My blood sugar levels stay nice and stable.
  • When I do get hungry, it’s such a gradual thing. Not like when I was eating carbs. I was hungry all the time then, and my hunger was LOUD and DEMANDING, every couple of hours. “Feed me. FEED ME NOW. NOW, NOW, NOW!” was the message then. Now my hunger is much more polite…it’s like “sorry to bother you, but you might want to consider having some food in an hour or so, OK? And if not then, maybe sometime after that…No pressure, OK?”

Even if I hadn’t lost a pound, I would keep eating this way, just for the above reasons – especially the end to my acid reflux.

I am so happy to have found this way of eating that I am in the process of developing a new blog on a new website to chronicle my Primal journey and hopefully spread the word to others out there. That there is a better way to live and eat. A much healthier way than the Standard (North) American Diet, the SAD diet (how apt!). I’ll certainly let you know  once I have it up and running!

I started a weight training program yesterday, thanks in part to my success and joy in being able to do full pushups! I am doing the workout from Dr. Chris Lydon’s book: Ten Years Thinner – a  20 minute full body workout with weights. I am determined to find a way to carve out the time to do this. It sounds ridiculous not to be able to find 20 minutes, but well…some days are just like that.

Onwards!!!! Hope everyone has had a fantastic summer, and is looking forwards to fall, as I am. Leaving for a business trip in Maine at the end of this week, and hoping to be able to fit in a whale-watching trip! Woo hoo! Another thing off my bucket list…

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