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(Certainly participating in this challenge is quite an adventure in itself – for me at least. I am finding out just how rusty my decidedly-not-mad WordPress skillz are. Just trying to place the damn badge on my blog is proving an exercise in frustration. Please bear with me people – it will get better as the month progresses and I do much needed work on ye olde blogge.)

Adventure = Life, in my humble opinion.

If your live is not adventurous, you are not living it. I don’t mean you need to be defying death on a daily basis. But I don’t believe people should be playing it safe either. Feeling major a tiny bit of fear at thinking of attempting something is, for me, the first clue that this might be something I should be avoiding doing. That maybe I need to s-t-r-e-t-c-h just a wee bit (or a lot).

Since JD died I have had many completely new adventures as a widow. My plan is to have many, many more. Rock on, fellow adventurers!

The WB


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  • Welcome to the Challenge! Looking forward to adventuring with you and the rest of our intrepid blogging friends!

  • Greetings from a fellow A-toZChallenge participant. I found your post on adventure inspiring and motivating. Life is an adventure!

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