C is for…


…Classic rock, Concerts and (blog under re-) Construction.

Nuthin' to add to this.
I got nuthin’ to add to this.

It’s the Classic Rock Weekend on my local radio station. AC/DC is playing right now. I was rockin’ to You Shook Me All Night Long when it didn’t need the Classic descriptor in front of it. And I am still rockin’, at every opportunity.

My first husband once pointedly asked me when I was going to grow up and stop wanting to do this shit (meaning going to live music shows and rock festivals).

Nope. Haven't grown up yet. Rockin' my outfit for the Alice Cooper Hallowe'en Show.
Nope. Haven’t grown up yet. Rockin’ my look for the Alice Cooper Hallowe’en Show.

My last husband enjoyed concert-going but only certain artists. As a result I have seen Bob Dylan 4 times and Gordon Lightfoot 3 times.* Fine artists both, that I have grown to really appreciate, but sheesh…let’s add some variety to the mix, shall we? I feel like I need to make up for lost time.

Which is a bit of a problem as concerts are announced and I wonder how many more of these events I can cajole my kids into accompanying me to, before they stop answering my texts. 🙂

So I have started looking around at others to join me in these adventures. And I realize that I have very few who I truly call friends (true…quality over quantity is my motto), and they don’t always have the time, money or admiration for the band/artist to want to attend with me. I don’t mind having to go alone to concerts (although I think my daughter minds me doing this, very much – talk about a role reversal, hah!). Of course it is much more fun sharing these experiences with friends and/or family.

The family that rocks together stays together I always say.
The family that rocks together stays together I always say.

What I love about this A-Z challenge is that it has rekindled my love of blogging and ye olde blogge. It feels like coming (virtually) home, except this home needs a bit of TLC and some renovation. I spent several hours last night locating and reinserting many photos that had gone AWOL from my older posts. This work continues! Pardon my mess while the blog is under (re)construction.

The WB

*Ironically, JD felt an urgency to see these artists whenever they were in the area because “they could die soon”. Well, both Bob and Gord are still touring while JD is no more. Huh.

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  • I love, love live music but honestly only old live music. The lip syncing stuff these days infuriates me.
    Growing up is really overrated. Good luck with the rest of the A-Z!

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