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A yen for hiking is something I come by pretty naturally, I think. My dad instilled in us kids a deep love of the outdoors. Sunday afternoons, year-round, often found the whole family out trekking (or later, cross-country skiing) the fields and forest pathways near our home, situated on the outskirts of town. Summers were spent in the north of the province cottaging or camping, where we passed time swimming, fishing, and exploring our temporary home turf on foot.

My dad was heavily involved in the Padvinders (Boy Scouts) as a child and then teenager in the Netherlands. This is where it all started, I believe.

My dad (far right), in the Dutch version of the Boy Scouts, marching with Queen Juliana of the Netherlands - 1950.
My dad (front, far right), in the Dutch version of the Boy Scouts, marching with Queen Juliana of the Netherlands – 1950.

My sister still has his walking stick I think, with all the metal badges of various meets and hikes achieved hammered into it. She lives up north, on a lake, with all the accoutrements to enjoy the natural surroundings that one could imagine – boat, kayak, ATV etc. Outdoor life is in our blood, I tell you!

JD wasn’t much one for the outdoors due to his anxiety issues so that part of my life had been put on hold since 2002. I could have hiked alone (and once I did) but this also stressed him as he obsessed about my safety constantly.

Now, as I am nearing the final push on my MBA studies, I’m the one becoming a bit obsessed. There won’t be too much opportunity for hiking for me this year but I am preparing – mentally and otherwise – for 2016!

My new day pack, hanging at the ready.
My new day pack, hanging at the ready. Purchased at Sail.

In the meantime, I am devouring all of the media related to hiking that I can. Any documentaries or movies on Netflix related to hiking – I’ve seen them. All the books about hiking adventures – I’ve read or am reading them!

As my training walks for the Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon get longer and longer, I am relishing testing out my new day pack on the trail.

I finally threw out my 25 year old Vasque hiking boots (after a painful goodbye walk in them last week). I have a pair of Asics trail shoes (Gel Fujiattack) coming my way from Mountain Equipment Co-op, as replacements.

I heart all things Asics.
I heart all things Asics.

I think my first goal related to hiking will be to hike the Bruce Trail in its entirety, as a series of day hikes. (I’ll save the idea of thru-hiking for retirement.) This was something a dear friend and I talked about a few years ago. She has been chipping away at it since then.  I will need to catch up to her so that we can plan to hike the rest together. No doubt you’ll be hearing more about this on the blog as time goes on!

The WB

P.S. This obsession with idea of hiking the Bruce Trail is what led me to the A-Z challenge in the first place. I was reading Joanne’s blog about her Bruce Trail hike, and it led me to her other blog and the rest is history!



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  • Let’s be friends. I’m a similar age, with a not-very-similar life station currently, but I feel a connection with you.


    Found you through the A to Z blog challenge

  • Wonderful! Looking forward to reading your blog Susan.


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