J is for…


…the Journey

This is something my relationship with JD taught me. To be able to stop and just be – in the moment – and appreciate the journey we were on. Instead of being so focused on achieving the end goal that you don’t even remember how you got there. Guilty as charged, at times!

JD loved road trips. I think it was the only time he felt really safe and peaceful – in total control behind the wheel of the car, protected by steel and glass. Beyond the reach (at least momentarily) of the demands of his life  – especially those created by his OCD. We had so many wonderful conversations on our journeys. So many laughs, songs sung, remembrances, musings and revelations.

Because his OCD made his life (and mine) so out of balance – chaotic and overwhelming – JD felt he never had time to stop and truly enjoy life. So when he did agree to take a break (even just for 24 hours), we packed as much fun and spontaneity into those mini-vacations as any humans possibly could.

I learned to leave all my other cares aside and just fully immerse myself in this altogether too brief semi-respite from the demands of living daily with someone with such a severe anxiety disorder. I learned when you can do this that a 24 hour vacation is just as refreshing (maybe even more so) as a long weekend or even a full week away from routine life.

How many of us have gone on vacation and packed our worries along with the sunscreen and the books we’ve been meaning to get to?

I’m not saying it’s easy to leave our worries behind and just enjoy the moment. But I am saying the benefits of learning to let go and fully savour each moment of the journey as it occurs are immense.

The WB

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