N is for…


…never say never

Never, my friends, is a long long time.

I try never to say never. Yet on some topics (*cough…husband #3…cough*) I still do.

I try never to say never because there have been so many times I have said never to something and then never became maybe and then maybe became probably and then probably became certainly and next thing you know I am busy explaining to my friends and family why I defected from the People’s Republic of Never-Never Land.

Take running, for instance. I said never to this for most of my adult life. I would tell people: If you ever catch me running, look behind me to see what or who is chasing me and call 911.

Things started to change for me in 2002 when I fell in love with (and later married) a “jock” who gently encouraged me and fully supported me in pushing my limits.

1st big race: WB running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, San Francisco, October 2007.


To date I have been “caught running” at 4 half-marathon events and no one has had to call 911 for me yet.

Toronto Good Life Half-Marathon, 2009.
WB running the Toronto Good Life Half Marathon, October 2009.
The latest: Rock n' Roll Half Marathon, Montreal September 2014
The latest: WB after finishing the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon, Montreal September 2014

My fifth half is coming up shortly, on June 7th in Niagara Falls. I am walking the distance this time because I didn’t want to risk injury from running on snowy and icy trails when training officially began in February. (Before you suggest: I hate treadmill running for a multitude of reasons but primarily because I. AM. NOT. A. HAMSTER.)

My race-day skort, for the next half.
Sweet note from the company I bought it from.
Sweet note from the company I bought it from.

I will never sign up for a full marathon. 😉

What have you said never to, and then had to eat your words later?

The WB

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