O is for…


…Outta my mind?!

Today I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as various projects involving or directly affecting my building (and home) are either looming, ongoing and/or requiring decisions…soon!

Here’s a partial list: New roof for building, kitchen/bath/laundry renovation, solar panel project, City street-scaping project…

Who created this mess? Me, for the most part.

Who will get me out of this mess? Me, for everything except the street-scaping affecting my property, which I don’t really have any “say” on. It’s a nagging worry because, although I am fully supportive of the improvements in the downtown core, I am having a hard time believing the City when they say my building’s steps won’t be affected. Even from this morning’s update, it still looks like they will be cutting directly into them.

Sometimes I feel I am outta my mind to be having my fingers in so many pies all at the same time. (Let us not forget I will be back in grad school in about 6 weeks….eek!). Then I remember I need to keep my eyes on the prize.

I am still confident that 6 months from now this will all have been worth it, even though I may go outta my mind between now and then!

I will keep you posted.

The WB

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