R is for…


…Renovation Madhouse Madness

So, the plans I have been mulling, scheming, tweaking and refining for the past year are about to become reality…in a very big hurry. My apartment renovation is now ON. My kitchen and bathroom will be completely gutted later this week in preparation for their brand new replacements. One of my spare rooms is being fitted to accept my laundry pair and another is getting the long-suffering, water-damaged ceiling fixed so it can become my future office.

I signed the paperwork with my contractor last night and the wheels are now spinning out of control very fast. Like zero to sixty fast. Like I have less than 48 hours to empty out my kitchen, bath, hallway and 2 spare rooms.

And did I mention I have a head that feels like cement and a nose that drips like my soon-to-be trashed leaky kitchen tap?

Isn’t there an adage somewhere that says you are supposed to sweat out a cold? Well my dears, I’ll be sweating up a storm the next couple of nights as I start the descent into Renovation Madness.

The WB

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    • Thank you Joy! My adult kids and a friend’s very large, very strong husband helped last night. Got a lot done and tonight we finish emptying out the rooms. I gave in and bought some cold medication so I could breathe through my nose again. That helped too, so I could actually sleep. Today’s post on “S” will be, shall we say, less than Spectacular?!?!? LOL!


    • Good to know you can see a staircase for my descent. Do you see a handrail by any chance, Sue? 😉

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