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Sometimes it takes one little thing to be the catalyst in order for the vision to crystallize out of the murky solution of ideas swirling around in my mind.

This happened to me this week, regarding my renovation. I was out with my contractor, looking for floor and wall tiles for my bathroom. I had nothing firm in my mind…I just knew I wanted something very plain and light for the walls. And I was confident I would find something to match for the floor. Sometimes I’m a “I don’t know what I want but I’ll know it the moment I see it” type person when it comes to decorating my person or my abode.

Well, I saw some slate floor tiles at the first place and I was stopped cold. I suddenly remembered how struck I had been with multi-coloured slate the first time I ever saw it, years ago with JD at Home Depot. So right then I knew I had to have slate on the bathroom floor. A visit to 3 more stores was needed to find the perfect batch of slate – a mix of pinks, pale burgundies, greens and bronzes – that just happened to be on sale.

I will never tire of admiring this slate.

Now my vision for the bathroom has crystallized to a serene white spa retreat with a showstopping (to me, anyways), fabulously coloured natural slate floor.

And no chandelier over the tub for me anymore – too busy now (plus I’d be fretting over dusting/cleaning it instead of relaxing in my soaker tub). Last night I found a fixture at IKEA more suitable to my new vision (AND budget!):


I should have remembered that this would happen to me.

In my first home of my own as a newly-single woman in 2000, I pulled all the wall colours for the whole house from a Mucha print poster of a Moet & Chandon champagne ad that I found at a flea market.


It’s funny how a single object can create a vision for a whole room or even a whole house. But that’s how it works for me. Anyone else decorate in this way?

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