W is for…


…Wooden you want this floor?

The first couple of days of the kitchen/bath/laundry renovation are behind me now and it’s been a bit of a roller coaster already.

One of the discoveries as demolition started was that the kitchen and bathroom still had original wood floors under the ugly linoleum.

When my contractor called me to let me know of the find, the entire linoleum floor had not yet been removed. He wanted me to consider refinishing the wood floor instead of purchasing a new floor. I told him I’d consider it.

But inside I was resisting this idea. I have never cottoned to the idea of wooden floors for a kitchen, any more than to the idea of carpeting in a kitchen. Ugh. Impractical.

But so many people love and have wood in the kitchen. What was I missing? I spent the evening and the next morning visioning my kitchen with a rich, warm wooden floor, full of character from the life it’s lived since 1929.

By the time I next heard from the contractor, I was convinced I needed to save the kitchen floor. I imagined how it would warm up the space and add colour and ambience to my Euopean-looking kitchen. And also pay a nod to the heritage of my home.

Then came the call: the rest of the kitchen floor was in too bad of a shape to consider saving the original wood. There had been a closet (pantry?) at some point and there were too many sections of the floor missing.

Death of the dream...
Death of the dream…or is it???

I had to re-wrap my head around the original black and white checkerboard floor idea. Which was now almost as hard as accepting the idea of a wood floor!


I let my flooring guy know to continue to prepare the tiling quote for me. I looked up photos black and white floors on the innernetz and once again I was in total love with my black and white floor vision.

So this morning my contractor showed up with a laundry list of things for me to consider. And, you guessed it, he has figured out a way he thinks he can save the floor. With strips of the same  hardwood carefully removed from the bathroom floor. He’ll have a price for me later on this week.

Remember that sappy 70’s song “Torn Between Two Lovers”? I can’t get it out of my head for some reason. 😉

The WB

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