Bruce Trail Journey, thus far…

The start of my Bruce Trail journey. March 5, 2016.
The start of my Bruce Trail journey. March 5, 2016.

Three hikes under my belt now. I have come as far as Decew House, in Thorold from the start in Queenston Heights. Here are some snaps and data from the journey, to date:

Data from Garmin Forerunner 10 - 1st hike
Data from Garmin Forerunner 10 – 1st hike. This is going to become my trail log.
View from the Niagara Escarpment.
View from the Niagara Escarpment.
Data from second hike.
Data from second hike.
Rushing waters
Exposed limestone
Exposed stone (limestone?)
Data from 3rd hike
Data from 3rd hike – forgot to turn Garmin on at start so first 15 minutes are missing. Damn.
Brilliant day.
Brilliant day.

My daughter, Mizz J, is on this journey with me. That is her right in front of me, in the last picture.

So three hikes in and here are some of my thoughts on the process (in no particular order):

  • the people you meet while hiking are wonderful – happy, friendly, caring and sharing types
  • trekking poles are a godsend. Where have they been all my (hiking) life?
  • nature really IS the best medicine – obviously for the body, but especially for the soul
  • it is an integral part of human nature to quest, journey and explore and we are built physiologically and psychologically to do this. This is why this hike challenge is so satisfying on so many levels for me.

Next week there is no “official” shorter end-to-end hike scheduled as it is Easter weekend. However, there is a 90 minute Bruce Trail meditation walk being organized for Easter Sunday morning that Mizz J and I plan to attend.

Rock on and walk on!

The WB

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  • Gorgeous hike and way to go! I absolutely adore hiking, it just centers and pushes me in a way that is utterly awesome.
    Looking forward to completing the monthly challenge with you

  • I like nature too. I don’t have time to go out just to hike but I walk almost everywhere for my daily shopping for groceries. You have lots of wonderful photos and experiences to share.

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