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About a year ago Mizz J and I were invited to one of her colleagues’ wedding, on the island of Barbados. Not a destination wedding per se, as both bride and groom are Bajan – born, but we were both stoked to be going there for this event. We booked our hotel and tickets last March, with additional travel plan cancellation insurance, because my mom was struggling with her health already at this point so we had no idea what the future might bring.

Well, Mom came to my place to die last October…and we still had no idea if this trip was ever going to happen. Mom made it clear that if her wishes were to be heard and considered she would either leave us before the trip or a few weeks after we got back. She did not want to mess with our travel plans!

On December 18 Mom got her wish and 2 weeks later to the day, Mizz J and I were in the air on New Year’s Day, flying south. We went with mixed feelings and a sense of duty – to Mom, who wanted so bad for us to still go no matter what, and to the bridal couple, who were expecting us. After spending January 2 attending the nuptials, we were free to relax and enjoy. So that is exactly what we did.

Here is where I could be found every day.
Here is where I could be found every day…
...reading books and looking at this (when not frolicking in it!)
…reading books and gazing at this (when not frolicking/swimming in it!)
Check out the beach hair!
Check out the beachy hair!

I did not feel at all like exploring the island – which was kinda unusual for me, but attributable to all that had gone before, I suppose. We did book a catamaran excursion online a few weeks back, to swim with sea turtles and go reef-snorkeling, so that was all I did other than walk down to Oistins for a nightly fish dinner, and relax under my favourite palm tree.

Pardon the crappy disposable underwater camera photo but this is one of the fellows we swam with.
Pardon the crappy disposable underwater camera photo. This is one of the beauties  we all swam with.
I highly recommend one of these excursions, as does Mizz J!
And this is the beauty I personally swam with!

We were sorry to leave the island but are committed to making a return visit. I would love to make this an annual event. It’s a wonderful slice of heaven. The weather was perfect – hot and sunny, tempered by just the right amount of ocean breeze. The hotel we stayed at was just our style. Small, quiet, friendly, laid back. We would have no problem going back there.

Splurging on a Bajan ice cream on our last day.
Slurping up Bajan ice cream AND Bajan coffee on our last day. Thought we would change things up from rum punch and Banks Beer…hehehe!

Do you have a favourite tropical destination? Do tell.

Rock on,

The WB

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  • It was a nice little get-away, after all you’d been through, in this past hectic year! So glad you enjoyed it!

  • Lovely place, and I’m sure you needed the rest. Last year I had to take a prearranged trip to Cambodia a week after my dad’s funeral. That was hard, so I can imagine how it might have been for you.

    • Thank you Shirley. Sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. Despite everything, I hope you were able to enjoy some of your trip. Cambodia sounds intriguing. I love Vietnamese food and I imagine Cambodian food would be similar?

  • Thank you Hetty! This trip showed me a whole new way of just being, instead of doing, doing, doing all the time.

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