E is for…


…relearning about the Enjoyment of Life.

My graduate studies in Business Administration ended on February 28, but my learning journey most certainly has not!

Suddenly, on February 29th I was faced with seemingly endless hours of free time (after work, of course) compared to only the day before when I was cranking out my final 2,000 word paper. And the years before, when my free time could be counted in mere minutes per day due to the effect of JD’s OCD on our life together.

I am still in awe of – and in the process of figuring out what to do with – all of this free time. But for now, I am learning to accept that it is OK to spend as much of that free time as I choose just doing things that I enjoy. Period. Without guilt. Like a “normal” person.

The little voice in my head that says I should be doing something productive instead of “just” reading or catching up on Netflix or going for a walk in the sunshine is getting quieter and quieter. But it is still there.

So far I think my recovery is going pretty well, all things considered. I hope the voice shuts up for good soon. ‘Cos I got a whole lot of catching up to do in the Enjoyment of Life department and I’m done with feeling guilty about it.

Rock on,

The WB


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  • Deb…join a bookclub! This is one of my greatest joys in life right now! Just read such a good book too – The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman. Who knows….someday YOU may be the author on one of these books, eh?

    • Join one? Hetty, for years I have thought of creating one – it is one of my post-MBA dreams! Would love to chat with you about your bookclub – how it is organized etc.
      I doubt I will ever write fiction but perhaps a memoir….wait, that’s kinda what my blog is, isn’t it??
      Perhaps you and I will both be in print someday…look out world!!!!

  • I don’ t think there’s such a thing as “just” reading or watching Netflix. This downtime is crucial to our well-being. Don’t feel guilty for using it!

    Glad I found your blog through the A to Z Challenge!

    Eli@TechLife (#1200)

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