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Anyone who knows me has probably realized by now that I love gadgets.

If there is a gadget available for anything I am interested in doing, chances are high I have to have it!

I just can’t run. I have to track my runs with a Garmin Forerunner.

I just can’t walk. I have to track my steps with a FitBit.

I have an iMac, an iPhone, an iPad (mini), a MacBook Air…and an old iPod kicking around somewhere.

My kitchen is also full of gadgets including an assortment of cute tea strainers. I mostly use the prebagged variety when I make tea but for the few loose leaf teas on hand I clearly feel the need for a variety of strainers…to suit my mood? I dunno. Your guess is as good as mine as to why they continue to entice me. (Note to self: be sure to finally try out the floating rubber duckie strainer this weekend!).

The one gadget I cannot justify purchasing is a garlic press. Why I am obstinate about not cluttering up my kitchen with one of these when I have several sets of measuring spoons, 2 rice paddles, multiple silicone pot holders and oven mitts, and a plethora of bar ware for all of the cocktails I am going to make (someday!) is beyond me.

I even have 2 – not 1 – but 2 ice buckets. Matching, even! OK, to be fair the first one was picked up at Value Village and the second one was inherited.

But when it comes to dealing with garlic, smashing the bulb with a can of tomatoes from the pantry works just fine. Who’s with me on this one?

Rock on,

The WB

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  • I’m not heavy into gadgetry, so I bet it’s no surprise that I don’t own a garlic press either. In point of fact, I prefer the old fashioned can opener to the electric one.

    However, given YOUR fascination with gadgets, this is surprising. Maybe you just like smashing something once in a while and the lack of a garlic press makes that garlic bulb the perfect target???

    • Jeez Robin, you hit the garlic bulb right on the head. It is really satisfying to smash those suckers. Thanks for the comment!

  • That’s hilarious that you use a can of tomatoes to crush your garlic! Even though I *do* own a garlic press, I’ve grown rather fond of my little jars of diced garlic I can buy in the grocery.

    I think I figured out why I like you so much. I too have am imac, macbook pro, iphone (6+ baby!), an ipad, an ipod nano, and my beloved classic ipod sogned by U2, which I will always keep regardless of the fact that it does not work (thanks to one of my curious children who thought it would be i teresting to see what would happen if he put it in the goldfish bowl.)

    I am glad you are doing A to Z this year. I am really enjoyimg your posts! Cheers.

    • Hah! Well whadda you know about that Susan. I bought my mom a 6+ iPhone the year before she died. My baby sister has it now. Mom used to show it off to people and make a big production of kissing it to demonstrate her affection for the damn thing. Guess the Apple (hehehe) doesn’t fall far from the tree…thanks for the comment!

  • Kitchen gadgets are my downfall. I DO have a garlic press. I also have a citrus zester, various pastry brushes and many other useful (or not) gadgets.

    • I have a zester and a pastry brush too! You reminded me that I still need a kitchen rasp to grate fresh nutmeg on, if I can ever source some. For the rum punch, ya know? 😉
      Thanks for commenting, Kate!

  • Don’t get me started on crafting, Seena! Or jewellery. Thanks for the comment!

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