H is for…


…Hiking! And Health, and Huffing & Puffing around Niagara region again today.


Data from Hike #5
Data from Hike #5
Yet another waterfall. Stop. You're killin' me.
Yet another waterfall. Stop. You’re killin’ me.
Hiking buddies. Me and Mizz J.
Hiking buddies. Me and Mizz J.
Resting those burning quads. Ouch.
Resting those burning quads. Ouch.
Well, at least someone thinks it's actually spring!
Well, at least something thinks it’s actually spring!

Another great day hiking. Is there any other kind?

I continue to work towards becoming a healthier Badass. I recently got “fired” as a patient from the Secondary Stroke Prevention Clinic. They told me to begone and trouble them no more. Well, alrighty then! Happy to oblige. Dietitian said the same thing, basically.

Continuing to take my meds, with a high degree of petulance, eye-rolling and sighing thrown in. Blood pressure is good but I want to lose a lot more weight before I kick those pills to the curb.

Next weekend I am on the schedule for an overnight sleep clinic. Should provide good fodder for the blog. Just sayin’.

Did I mention I saw an Ear-Nose-Throat doc for a bump on my lip and he said I had a deviated septum? Will  wonders (of finding new things wrong with my body) never cease.

That’s all for now, folks!

Rock on and walk on,

The WB


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    • Me too, Julia! My dad passed the love of hiking down to me and now I am passing it on to my daughter. Thanks for the comment!

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