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An introvert is what I am. As I suspect a high number of people participating in this challenge are. Blogging seems like such a natural fit for an introvert.

Introverts are the new black. Hardly a week goes by that I don’t see an article expounding on the glories of introversion and how the introverts of this world make excellent friends, co-workers, employees, leaders. Go ahead. Google “Introvert” and see where it takes you.

Introverts used to be viewed as shy and socially maladjusted individuals. Now, finally the truth is out there.

We’re not shy. We. Just. Don’t. Like. You.


Well, not kidding actually. Chances are high if an introvert is quiet around you it’s because they have already decided you’re not worth engaging. Or they are still trying to figure out if you are worth the energy it will cost them to engage you. Because most social interactions will do that to an introvert – drain them of their energy.

I had this problem in University. A very loud (and, I thought, idiotic – she actually carried a burning cigarette into a lab where ether was being used) fellow student once loudly proclaimed in front of a group of my peers that I should sign up for assertiveness training. Because I never talked to her, I suppose.

I was baffled by this outburst as were the few classmates who actually knew me. I never asked her how she came to that conclusion because I didn’t value her opinion of me or anyone or anything, so what was the point? Besides, I was still pissed that she could have blown me up that day.

Introverts are not any better than extroverts. The world needs both types. It’s nice that introverts are finally getting their day in the sun.

Now please go back to leaving us alone. 😉

Rock on,

The WB


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  • Now I don’t feel so bad for being an introvert. Interesting post. Mason Alex’s Ninja Minion

  • I am definitely an introvert as well. I’ve had people tell me I’m a snob who thinks she’s too good for everyone. Nope. I’m just quiet unless I have something to say. I can be boisterous with my friends on occasion, but if I don’t have my quiet time, I don’t have enough energy to contribute to any social setting. Stormy’s Sidekicks!

  • Loved this one. Introverts definitely are the new black, aren’t they? I find that I ride the rails between intro and extro, with a definite lean toward intro. I see it in full color when I’m at a big dinner party or something and I can only focus on one person or conversation without getting totally crazed. Great post!

    • Most people are somewhere on the spectrum – a little bit intro, a little bit extro. No one would think I was introverted when they first meet me, but I definitely am. I am with you on the dinner party thing!!! Thanks for the comment Linda!

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