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The return of decent weather means it’s time to get the patio functional again.

I made a few improvements this year – namely a rug, and a set of lights. But basically it is the same patio set and sun shade I have been enjoying since 2014.

Sorry I couldn't capture the lights perfectly. I don't have the skillz.
Sorry I couldn’t capture the lights perfectly. I don’t have the skillz.
Or the camera.
Nor the camera.
Still, I think you get the idea that this is one of my favourite hangouts in the warm weather.
Still, I think you get the idea that this is one of my favourite hangouts in the warm weather.

I was hoping to be able to afford a real railing this year but unfortunately I have other projects at Chez Moneypit that are taking precedence.

So no little ones, no pets, no dancing, no drinking to excess on the Badass Patio…yet again. Sigh.

Other than that, you are welcome to enjoy the patio with me.

Rock on,

The WB

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Arlee Bird

Funny you should mention this. Lately I’ve been in the process of shopping around for a new gazebo and grill. Probably get it on Saturday. I don’t look forward to assembling the darn gazebo. This time I’m getting a hardtop version since we’ve already gone through 2 cloth top versions in the past 15 years. The new grill will be our second one. Things do wear out especially when they’re outside.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out

Widow Badass

You got that right Arlee. My hardtop is already showing some damage from a couple of hailstorms. It’s a steel structure with polycarbonate panels and the polycarbonate and hail don’t mix too well, apparently! Only the top layer was damaged (with visible holes) and I’ll probably be replacing them within a couple of years. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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