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Which I am, most of the time. I find it very uncomfortable to be “down”. When I am “down” I spend a lot of time and energy trying to get back to “up” again, because that is my preferred state of being.

I think people tend to fall into either category. I have seen people who had nothing to complain about dig deep into their memories for long-past grievances to recall, so that they can be “down” again, if life happens to going a little too smoothly for their liking at the moment.

On the other hand, I can see how a person who is naturally “up” can sugar-coat or view rather rosily a tough or even appalling situation because of how uncomfortable it is to feel “down”.  Been there, done that. Earned that T-shirt.

I could never understand why someone would voluntarily bring themselves down. But maybe it is not voluntary. Are our brains hard-wired for one preference or another?

Can we change, or is this something like handedness? Sure, you can struggle to use the non-dominant hand but will always prefer the other.

If anyone reading would like to respond as to whether they consider themselves an “up” or “down” person in the comments, I think it would make for an interesting impromptu poll.

The ideal (in my mind) would be to live in the moment and see each moment clearly for what it is. Take action if required – deal with it and…

…learn the lesson and rock on,

The WB

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  • Yes, definitely you’re remarkably positive! I love that about you. I’m also an “up” person. I can’t even seem to recall exactly why I should be upset at some situation. I just prefer not to remember I guess. Our attitude certainly can make or break a situation….90% how you respond, 10% what happens…I think it’s easier to be joyful….but then I have not had anything horrible happen to me – yet.

  • And hopefully you never have anything horrible happen to you Hetty!
    I agree that you are an Up person also. I am sure we annoy the heck out of Down people most – if not all – of the time.

  • I sometimes think we have a ceiling on how much joy we think we are allowed to have.
    In the past I have created a migraine to stop myself going dancing- dont do that now- given myself permission to experience limiteless joy

    • Way to bust through that ceiling, Zannierose! Thanks for the comment.

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