X is for…


…the lovely X-Chromosome.

I am so blessed to have been given 2 of these, making me female.

I remember as a young child becoming very frightened at the thought that I could have been born a boy instead. Followed by immense relief that I could live my life as a girl.

I can’t begin to imagine the torment that transgendered individuals go through when they realize their inner  and outer selves don’t match society’s expectations for gender. Thankfully there is beginning to be acceptance for these individuals. To live happier lives and to be able to fully express who they really are. We still have a long way to go as a society but progress is being made.

Late yesterday I found out it was Denim Day. April 27th is a day to wear denim to work in support of a woman who was told by an Italian court that her driving instructor couldn’t have raped her because she was wearing tight jeans at the time. The justice ruled that since she was wearing these jeans she had to have helped her attacker remove them so he could rape her and that meant it was consensual.

So I am wearing denim at work today with this in mind. Okay, confession time – I often wear denim as I work for an agricultural company and denim is our power suit. 😉

But today I am wearing my jeans with intent. Intent to support of all those XX (and XY too) chromosome possessors who have been – and continue to be – told that they or their actions have caused their bodies to be violated by another human being.

Wanna know who is responsible for rapes happening? Rapists. The End.

Rock on,

The WB

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