Poisoned Pen Letter

The note crafted with the poisoned pen.
The note crafted with the poisoned pen.

The most extraordinary thing happened to me this week.

I received a poisoned pen letter regarding my late husband.

It’s not extraordinary that I received communication from someone angry with JD. He must have left wreckage and chaos in his wake throughout his adult life, given his mental health issues. He certainly left enough for me to deal with.

To be frank, what is extraordinary is that I have not gotten more of this kind of stuff.

What has me puzzled is WHY NOW? JD has been gone for almost 3 years. What has triggered someone to put (poisoned) pen to paper and snail-mail me this anonymous note after all this time?

The writer’s intent is also to upset me, I believe.

Sorry dear writer, you will have to do better than this meagre offering.

Instead of being upset, I find myself quite intrigued to know more.

I feel like the plucky protagonist in my very own mystery story. How cool is that?

I hope I can inspire the writer to reach out to me again. We really should talk.

Rock on,

The WB



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  • Some people just have to destroy – just my guess but I would guess that the graduation ceremony where he was recognized pissed them off. They are most likely a follower on your social media and that inflamed them.

    • From what was written, I would say this was someone from quite a ways back in JD’s past. Shame they are still carrying such a load after all these years.

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