Worry is praying for what you don’t want to happen…and I can’t stop this prayer

Dear Blog,

Today is Election Day in the US, you might remember. I know I can’t get it out of my mind, dear Blog.
I find myself consumed with worry…AND I’M NOT EVEN AMERICAN. I can only imagine how all most some of them feel.

Did the world and German people feel this way when Hitler was on the rise to taking power?

Never have I seen a campaign like this. Never have I seen such hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism and fear unleashed. It’s like the human race took as step back a hundred or so years in time. The apparent rapidity of this devolution of human consciousness and learning is breathtaking to me.

Maybe I’ve just been naive in thinking that we had moved on from this type of thinking. That it was all behind us now.

Looks like it wasn’t behind us at all. It was just simmering under the surface of civility and political correctness. All it took was a brash, loud-mouthed person with no moral character to show people it was OK to let fear dominate your decisions and to quash compassion for others. That it is OK again to put up barriers to exclude other humans and to focus on differences instead of seeing that we are really all the same….this human race. That ignorance of the facts is acceptable. That instead of thinking for yourself, just follow the one that brays the loudest, the one that says what you want to hear, no matter what nonsense and lies pour out of his mouth.

There are two emotions that drive us. Fear breeds hatred. Love breeds compassion. Why do people choose fear? Like love, if that is what you choose, there is no end to it. There is always something to fear.

Right now I fear for us all. I want to get back to feeling love for humanity again, instead of fearing what people will can do if the wrong person gets enough power to make good on his hateful words. I want to feel compassion for this man. To try to understand what made him into the person he is. I think he is sick in his soul and his mind. Why throughout history have we been tricked into following madmen? Why do we not learn? It is because we don’t learn that we must keep repeating the lesson.

These thoughts roll round and round my mind as I inwardly clutch myself with worry. My brain and heart have been curled in the fetal position for days now.

Thanks for listening, dear Blog.

Hopefully tomorrow we can all rock on to a better future than the one I can’t stop worrying about,

The WB

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