The Power of Writing It Down


Hey there Bloggie Dearest,

Well, yesterday was the last day of the 5 Days of Mandala Magic online course I signed up for, and with the last lesson came an invitation to sign up for a whole year of instruction from Julie Gibbons, starting proper in 2017.

The monthly cost of this course is so reasonable versus the value I have received already in just these 5 days, that I signed up immediately and with absolutely no hesitation.

(I have to say also that I really admire the way Julie runs her vocation/passion/business. I think it is genius to offer a free 5 day online course as a lead-in for a year’s worth of lessons. It gives the potential subscriber a good insight into Julie’s personality and teaching style, as well as the quality of the material to be delivered. At the end of the free course most 5 Days of Mandala Magic students would know, I imagine, whether or not this course was a good fit for them at this point in their lives. It certainly has made me comfortable with my decision. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…indeed!)

Remember quite a few months back, Blog, when I told you I was all excited/inspired by an article about Route 66 turning 100 when I am turning 66, and how this led to the development of my 10 Year Plan spreadsheet and an actual rudimentary budget?

As per my way, I created the spreadsheet in a fervour of inspiration and then didn’t look at it again. But then today I got to thinking about it again as I had this niggling thought in the back of my brain that Art was featured somewhere on the spreadsheet. (Actually I thought I might have written it down for THIS year – 2016).

When I opened it up I saw that I had placed Art in the Learning category for 2017. Hmmm…another reason signing up for a year’s worth on instruction on mandala making and art journalling was a slam-dunk decision for me.

This, dear Blog, is why I love writing down my goals and dreams in some format – whether it be in a journal or spreadsheet. The act of committing the thoughts to paper (or pixels) has invariably resulted in manifestation of the same. And if it didn’t happen, it was almost always because I had changed and no longer wanted it. Or, it just hasn’t happened yet, but I can see it on the horizon. Weird! I know, Blog.

Now, I am not going so far as to say that these are declarations to which the universe has responded to me personally. I’ll leave that to the devotees of The Secret.

But what I think is this: the act of stating goals in a physical or digital sense loads them into my subconscious which in turn then guides me in seeing (seizing!) opportunities and making decisions later on down the road of life.

I may have forgotten what I have written down, but my subconscious doesn’t. And going back months or even years later to see what I had envisioned for myself, I am gobsmacked by how many of my (usually forgotten) stated objectives have actually been accomplished.

So clearly I am a fan.

Just imagine what could happen, dear Blog, if I wrote down some goals regarding you? 😉

Rock on,

The WB


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