Desperate Times Call For Desperate Soles (to step up!)

These soles have got HEART and SOUL.
These soles have got HEART and SOUL.

Dear Blog,

Ya gotta love it when your new boots come with a message.

These are truly the boots for this new era the world has entered into. Some may call it the Dark Ages of Humanity – the Sequel, or the Coming A-Trumpolypse.

I call it a reason for new footwear.

Yes, dear Blog, I did break my Shoe Moratorium…sorta. These being boots and all, I think I could have a pretty solid argument that these don’t qualify as a shoe purchase. (Note from budget-conscious part of brain to self: next time it MUST be called a Footwear Moratorium.)

And dear Blog, please recall that I DID NOT buy any shoes or boots while in Amsterdam…though not for lack of trying. Damn that Birkenstock store at the Albert Cuyp Market for actually closing up shop for vacation…I mean, who in retail does that?!?!

Think about it. You sell SANDALS for a living, and you shutter your shop for almost 3 weeks IN THE SUMMER. WTF???

Anyhoodle, I digress into rant territory when the point I want to make is: I should get credit for superhuman restraint on coming back home without any new shoes. Or boots.

These new boots are my gift to me, I have decided, for surviving 3 years of widowhood and all of the trials, tribulations and shocking revelations that have come with it so far. My excuse story and I’m sticking to it.

Fluevog Skins, in Purple
Fluevog Skins, in Purple

Rock on,

The WB

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