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Dear Bloggie,

I thought I should bring you up to date on what’s been happening to me since I’ve been under investigation for the 2 TIA-like (mini-stroke) episodes I have experienced thus far in 2016.

I have completed all of the scheduled testing and last week I saw the neurologist to get the news about the results of the 2 MRIs I recently was privileged to receive. No, I am not being sarcastic, Blog. How can you think that?!? Wait. Uh, OK. I have been a bit of a pill IRL about the medications the doctors have put me on, and all of the tests. I’ll own it.

But really Blog, I am also very grateful at the same time that I live in this great country where health care is deemed to be a necessity and everyone’s right and the griping is about being made to wait a bit rather than how to come up with the money for diagnosis and treatment.

So, to describe my results in one word: NEGATIVE.

Negative, negative, negative. All of my cardiac and neurological testing is blessedly, head-scratchingly negative. So what happened to me? Dunno. Will it happen again? Dunno.

Can I get on with my life now? Will my doctor release the restriction on me that I am not to perform any exercise more strenuous than a slow walk? The cardiologist wants to see me again and you bet I will be asking.

In the meantime, I have been focusing on cleaning up my diet for the past 2 weeks using a no-sugar, no grains, low carbohydrate high fat Paleo-ish approach. I’ve done this before with magnificent results but since JD passed I have been kinda loosey-goosey with my diet and here we are 3 years and 20 pounds later. A-HEM!

So, two weeks have gone by and I am only a scant 2 pounds lighter…dammit. I am a bit disappointed it isn’t more but I am not as active as I could be (see exercise restriction, above). And I am older too, meaning whatever magic menopause is wreaking/has wrought upon my metabolism since about 4 years ago could be to blame as well.

However, I feel GREAT! I really do. I am up early (like 5 am early) each day with tons of creative and mental energy to burn. I’m alert all day – no afternoon slumping – and sleep well each night.

No cravings anymore. In fact very little hunger or when it hits, it is so subtle of a nag that I can easily ignore it until I am ready to make time to eat. This I remember very well from the last time I ate this way. Nice to not feel shakey or sick or mentally drained if more than 4 hours passes between meals and my blood sugar tanks. I’ve turned myself back into a fat-burning machine, from a sugar-burner. And no “carb flu” feelings either. I guess my body remembers the good ol’ days when I took better care of it. 😉

So what if it takes me 20 weeks (or more) to lose 20 pounds, dear Blog? The time will be here regardless of whether I try to change my habits or not, and how nice will it be to arrive there and have removed that excess weight? I’d love to train again for another half-marathon (on doc’s blessing of course) and it certainly would go a lot easier with 20 less pounds to carry.

Maybe I can even stop taking some medication. I’m thinking the blood pressure meds, at least. And maybe the blood thinner too. It might take a bit longer and a couple of more blood tests to convince the doc I really don’t need a statin in my life. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Rock on,

The WB

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  • Hello, Widow. Glad to hear your tests were negative. I’m also working on shedding a bit of post-menopausal avoirdupois. And by “working on,” I mean thinking about taking action. Best of luck with your recovery and training. Will you be doing without the sugar and starches all through the holidays? That would be tough.

    • Hey there Rhonda, thanks! My plan is to take the holidays day by day. I have gone through the holidays once before without a single bite of anything sinful so I know it can be done. One thing about cutting back on starches and sugary things, you kinda lose your taste for them after a while. If you do indulge, they don’t taste as good as you remember. So I will be very very selective on what I put in my mouth – it will have to be really worth it. And if it is, I will enjoy it to the utmost!!! (Wheat-free shortbread, I am looking at YOU!)

  • Glad to hear your tests were negative and you are feeling better. I’ve also h ad trouble losing weight since menopause, but I feel pretty sure that slow weight loss is the healthy way to go. I did lose 10 pounds in 10 days following my recent surgery, and I really don’t recommend doing it that way! Small, well-chosen meals have allowed me to keep the weight off and feel healthy. Hang in there.

    • Thanks Rosemary. Hanging in there is what I’m known for. Hope you achieve a full recovery soon!

  • You are absolutely right – when we did the no carb diet early last year, I dropped 18 pounds in 5 months but once we started slipping off the diet, one brownie at a time, we went back to carbs again – but didn’t gain the weight back, just created a new plateau. Have to get back on the wagon again, but not today, today is the worst day — I have cold roast beef in the fridge and a tangy mustard that is waiting to be made into a sandwich (can’t get through the day without at least one justification.) But we will get back on it and everything you say is true – slept better, had more energy, and I didn’t even feel like I was dieting, and after a few days I didn’t even feel like I was missing carbs. Good on you… we are behind you — way behind at the moment, but we will be there. Maybe tomorrow…

    • Thanks Jonathan. Great to know you and Kenn are there for support! You know tomorrow never comes, right? 😉

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