Beware Those That Doth Protest Too Much

Dear Blog,

There’s been a lot of discussion on Facebook (where I get all my quality news these days…hehehe) about the US Vice-President Elect, Mike Pence, being booed at a Broadway show. Being the curious soul that I am, I read up on Mr. Pence and didn’t like what I found out.

Mr. Pence seems to have a lot of energy to direct towards wanting to target homosexuals and promotes programs for “curing” homosexuals – even going so far as to want to deny medical treatment for any people suffering from AIDS who won’t go into those programs.

It seems to me, dear Blog, that whenever people (usually “straight” men – let’s call a spade a spade) decide to make their name based on persecution of others it is because they are hiding something about themselves. How many times have we read about a well known homophobic pastor or politician found snorting drugs with male prostitutes or having sex with men in public washrooms?

Even my late husband exhibited this type of behaviour. He just would not shut up about infidelity – how it was so wrong and how he suspected members of his family of cheating or starting their now “respectable” relationships as illicit affairs. I was lectured at least once a month about how it would be so bad for our relationship should I ever cheat on him. (No, duh!). For the record dear Blog, I never did nor did I ever have any intention on loving or being with another – JD was my whole world. No matter how difficult our relationship could get at times thanks to the OCD, I never considered venturing outside of it.

Despite having to witness these regular harangues about cheating, the penny never dropped for me.

It got this silly: we were unwinding with a classic movie one night, starring Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. JD thought they were married in real life and without thinking I told him the truth: Spencer Tracy was married to another but he and his wife lived separately and did not divorce, so he and Katharine did not marry although they were very much a couple.

That was it – he declared that henceforth we could never watch another movie with Katharine Hepburn in it because SHE was a cheater. I made a mental note at the time that Spencer Tracy was not pointed out as part of this ban…hmmmm?

This was just too much for me – the one who usually mentally checked out when these rants began, so as to not engage and prolong them any further – and I snapped back: “Well, I guess we can never watch ANY movies again based on that criteria, including those of your favourite, Clint Eastwood – THAT well-known cheater.”

This was met with blessed silence and then a change of topic.

Of course, now we now how the story ends – with his death and my subsequent discovery of HIS cheating.

Another interesting point – JD would also regularly rant about school teachers – how they were overpaid, underworked, entitled whiners. I was baffled by this behaviour too – especially since so far as I knew JD didn’t even have any contact with teachers since he left high school. How did he know so much about them and their earnings and work schedules and benefits? And why did it bother him so much? Well Blog – guess what? I found out the “other” woman, who was also cheated on by JD, is a teacher.

Guilt makes us do crazy things sometimes, doesn’t it?

So now dear Blog whenever I hear of someone like Mr. Pence who has an unseemly interest in denouncing and controlling others’ behaviour or lifestyle, alarm bells sound in my head. I won’t be surprised if someday there is a very different story about him trending on Facebook.

Rock on,

The WB

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