Hamsa in Progress

Starting to add colour
Starting to add colour

Dear Blog,

Slowly I am making headway on the Hamsa exercise.

I had to use the cheapo markers again. I realized that by outlining the pencil work with fine point black marker so early on, I made it impossible to choose watercolour paints or pencils as the (so-called water resistant) marker bleeds when in contact with water. So now I am limited to using these markers for colouring this piece.

As time goes on I will get better art supplies, but for now these will do. I am having fun and learning, regardless.

Much as I am sick to death of being inundated with Black Friday Everything for over a week already, a wee part of my brains asks: I wonder if my favourite art store will be having a sale? Hehehe!

Yes, Black Friday has become a “thing” here in the True North Strong and Free in recent years, even though our Thanksgiving occurs in October. I don’t particularly like our adoption of this American event – but that doesn’t stop me from pursuing a Black Friday deal on something I was in the market for anyway. (Clearly I can’t bitch about it too loudly.)

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to my American blogging buddies!

Rock on,

The WB

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  • Ha! I loathe Black Friday but was like, “Umm, there are some killer knee-high boot sales out there….”
    Happy, happy Thanksgiving!!

    • And thus our high moral standards and anti-consumerism stances are thrown out the window… 😉
      This my dear, is the power of footwear!!!

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