Sunday Night Follies

Dear Blog,

OMIGAWD, why didn’t any one tell me the Flower of Life was going to be so fucking hard to draw? I mean, it’s just a series of circles you don’t even really draw because the compass is supposed to do all the work for you? Okay, technically Julie did say it was challenging. But I didn’t really believe her. Or I thought yeah, “challenging for other people”. Not I. Hah, I was born with a compass in my hand, or so I thought. (Ouch, sorry Mom).

Bloggie, it took me 4 attempts to get the damn thing drawn. Four. And did you know that if you don’t hold this compass exactly right, the circles can get bigger or smaller because the fucking pencil lead magically starts moving from its predetermined length and suddenly your circles are off-kilter and not matching up any more after the second or third rotation?

Maybe I just do not have a good compass. Maybe. It looks like a good compass. See:

Prevents inadvertent setting adjustments, my ass.
This is my compass. “Prevents unintended setting adjustments”, my ass.

By the 3rd attempt I tried holding the compass differently – very lightly, by the very top of it only – so that my apparent death grip on the compass would not change the size of the circle’s radius inadvertently. Success!

Finally drawn. Using earlier attempts as practice for trying out new acrylic inks.
Finally drawn. Using earlier attempts as practice for trying out new acrylic inks.

Having re-mastered the compass, I moved on to the kitchen to try to make a lasagna for the first time in many, many years…AND without pasta.

I thought slicing zucchini very thin and layering with it would be an acceptable substitute.

Lasagna "zoodles"
Lasagna “zoodles”

Here is the finished product, ready for the oven:

What could possibly go wrong?
What could possibly go wrong?

Blog, it’s either going to be amazing or a soggy mess.

Wish me luck.

Rock on,

The WB

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