Word for 2017

Dear Blog,

A very tired and brain-dead widow reporting in tonight on this last night of NaBloPoMo 2016.

I’m back home from my evening event – a movie night put on by my downstair’s tenant, the museum. I drifted off during the show a couple of times for a second or two. And I really enjoyed the movie and had been looking forward to it too! Grrrr.

As I am so brain-dead I had to log onto Facebook to see what the writing prompt was for today as I GOT NUTHIN’, dear Blog.

The prompt was: Have you chosen a word of the year for yourself for 2017?

Hell no…but I’d guess I’d better if I ever want to get this post down and hit the sack. So here goes:

My word is REACH. I will be reaching down deep inside as I start my year-long mandala and art journalling course. I will be reaching up high at work if the opportunities I am currently researching the hell out of do become reality. I will be reaching all around to push my body back to better health and fitness once I get the all-clear from the doctor.

Rock on and reach on,

The WB


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