Fake It Until You Can Make It

Christmas Newsletter created, for the 3rd year running.
Christmas Newsletter created, for the 3rd year running.

I think I have mentioned on ye olde blogge already this year that I am having a hellacious time getting into the Christmas vibe, spirit, what-have-you.

Nothing has really changed. But today instead of wallowing in a sweaty funk while barking like a seal due to a chest cold, I did make up my annual (3 years and counting!) Badass Christmas letter and put my cards together for mailing out tomorrow. YAY ME! (OK, still was in sweaty funk and barking…but got my cards done too!!!!)

I have always loved giving and receiving cards at Christmas, and actually enjoy reading people’s Christmas letters.

Even when the letter is full of humble-bragging or outright bragging! So far I have received only one like that and it was many years ago, from someone I am no longer acquainted with. A lot of fun was had mocking it with my friends as it epitomized why Christmas letters have such a bad rap. I almost wanted to keep up the acquaintance just to keep getting those letters. I said almost.

Anywhoodle, I love the annual Christmas letter/card tradition. If that makes me old-fashioned or weird or both, so be it.

What I didn’t expect to happen was this: as I finished off the letter and addressed and filled envelopes, I could feel my mood lighten considerably. I’m not saying I’m ready to decorate the tree (still naked despite being up for weeks, by the way) or throw a massive open house party (although that was/is my dream, but now slated for 2017) but I think I will get through the season without having to white-knuckle it.

And that, my friends, is HUGE. Or YUGE. Or however you want to say it.

Rock on,

The WB


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  • I love getting cards too, but I especially love the letters. I don’t get many any more, and it’s all because I slacked off. Back when I got divorced it all seemed so hard to explain and so I just didn’t respond to all my old friends around the country. I feel guilt and regret about that. Every year I promise myself I’ll write a letter, but where do I start 10 years after he moved out and a lifetime of experiences in between? Also, some of my former Christmas card receivees are on Facebook, so what do I have to tell them? My life is all right there or on my blog. You should feel proud for getting yours done. It’s a big step. Now you can decorate the tree or not. It’s your damn tree. Do what YOU want.

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