(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Fake it ’til you can make it – Chez Badass: Christmas 2016 Edition

Fireplace mantle


Minimalist Tree This Year


Very pleased with JD’s grandmother’s old couch since it was reupholstered.


Porcelain statues given by JD’s late dad many years ago. Painting by JD’s late Auntie Hazel in background (wedding gift).


Can’t seem to keep poinsettias alive so snapped this when plant was only in house a couple of days. It might last till Christmas?


Dining room. Mom and Dad’s nut bowl from childhood has pride of place on table. This only made an appearance at Christmas and I am keeping up the tradition. This room is full of the ghosts of Christmases Past.


And to all a good night…


Jingle Bell Rock on,

The WB

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  • I love it all! Sophisticated and charming. I might get my house decorated some day. I have the tree and the lights. Nothing else so far.

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