Almost Wordless Wednesday – Barbados 2017 Edition

I was up with the sun every morning, walking the beach and boardwalk.

Bajan Sunrise on South Coast
Bajan Sunrise on the South Coast
Morning Glory
Bajan sunrise through the palm fronds
Moody morning shot
Pottery wall behind Blakey’s On The Boardwalk.
Street Mural just off the Boardwalk near the pottery wall. Looks like the artist was inspired by it.
Sea Turtle trail in the sand (and nest)
Bougainvillea on the Boardwalk
Gorgeous wall and steps along the Boardwalk
One of the friends I met along the way
Shy crab scuttling away
Another crabby friend
Boardwalk ended, walking back to the hotel for breakfast and a snorkel

We did an island tour one day – to see the wild, eastern coast of Barbados.

Looking down on the eastern coast from Cherry Tree Hill. Our guide explained the haze as dust blowing across the Atlantic from the Sahara desert.
Big rocks at Bathsheba
Barbados – rugged East Coast
Salt spray-ravaged St. John’s Church
Historical St. John’s Church, Barbados

Sunsets were also a good time to be strolling on the beach. Usually on the way to dinner at one of the many great restaurants near us.

Sun setting in beautiful Barbados
Another fine day slips into night
Typical Bajan sunset on the South Coast

Rock on,

The WB


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  • Debbie, we enjoyed your pictures. Wonderful place to go for a very relaxing holiday! Thanks for posting. 🌴💕

    • Yes, very relaxing. Thanks for the comment Mr. and Mrs.J!

  • Wow, so beautiful! I loved the crabs and the beach and the palm trees. I almost felt as if I were there but then I looked out the window and watched snow landing on the roof! OK! What I most especially loved was the pottery wall. That was spectacular. Thank you for that beautiful post!

    • Glad you enjoyed it Alice. Thanks for commenting!

    • Thanks Reticula! It was a nice respite. Hoping to go again next winter…this time for 2 weeks.

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