N is for Never – Preparing for a Badass Retirement #AtoZChallenge

Never say never…uh…usually.

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Never is such a forever word. People who use it have to eat their words every once in a while.

I try to avoid it because of this, and because it limits you to possibilities.

I try instead to love a new idea or plan for at least 15 minutes. This gives me time to imagine it unfolding and fitting into my world.

Often when I love and live with an idea for 15 minutes, I realize it’s really not for me. So all I’ve lost is 15 minutes of dream-time.

But if I dismissed something without thinking it through – something that might have been an wonderful idea if I had only given it a chance – well, that would be my loss.

So what has this got to do with retirement, you might be asking by now. Nothing that doesn’t also apply to working life also! I use the 15 minute rule even more at work than I do at home, right now.

However I think that these automatic nevers and negative thinking and discounting of new ideas might come easier the older one gets, and even easier when someone is retired. It’s just a hunch I have and something I want to be aware of and avoid if possible.

So I vow to never say never. 😉

Except for how I feel about my life now. Because since I have been on my own:

  • Never have I been so relaxed
  • Never have I been so content
  • Never have I been in so much control of my own life
  • Never have I felt less lonely
  • Never have I been so happy.

Never stop rocking on,

The WB




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