P is for Pets – Preparing for a Badass Retirement #AtoZChallenge

P is for Pets

Ever since my Lucy died, I have been confident that I will get another puppy. But that I will wait until retirement to do so. When I will have the time to devote to raising a small pup in the right way – training it and exposing it to all that it needs to process during those crucial early months…in order to develop into a well-rounded, confident companion.

The Indomitable Lucy – old and sick in this picture, but still the gold standard to be met for the next dog

But lately I am wondering when exactly during my retirement will I get another pet? Perhaps not right away. Perhaps I will wait until I am a bit older, and have tamped down my wanderlust a bit. Perhaps I will wait until I move to a more suitable property to keep a dog than my current one. Perhaps then I will get multiple dogs, like Me Too and Mrs. Me Too. Who knows?

I vacillate between obsessively stalking Mini-Schnauzer breeder websites (and thinking that I can’t wait until I retire), and thinking I should wait until I am in my 70s and (perhaps?) more house-bound.

What I want is another Lucy and there are no guarantees of that. I think that means I am not yet over her, and ready to bring another wonderful dog into my life.

Rock on,

The WB


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Joanne Sisco

I *inherited* an adult cat a few months into my retirement. It wasn’t planned, nor something I particularly wanted, especially since I’m allergic to cats.
I love Theo to death, and there isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t make me laugh out loud, but having a pet in retirement has been a challenge. As active as my lifestyle is, it would be even more so if I didn’t have that pet obligation.
I understand your dilemma. This is a tough decision, made even more challenging by memories of your Lucy who is irreplaceable in your mind.

Widow Badass

Oh my! My daughter’s severe cat allergy makes cat ownership off limits for me. How do you handle this?
You are right Joanne – it is a tough decision and really not fair to the dog to expect it to be another Lucy.
I do miss having a pet around. They are great company AND entertainment. But also keep you tied down somewhat.

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