W is for Wealth – Preparing for a Badass Retirement #AtoZChallenge

W is for Wealth but Wealth is more than just money


For me, money is just a small (but important!) part of being “wealthy”.

Even though I wonder if I have enough in savings yet for when I am ready to retire, I feel incredibly wealthy just the same.

Traditionally, definitions of wealth describe it as an “abundance of material possessions or money”.

The Widow Badass definition describes wealth as an “abundance of needs being met”.

These needs include:

  • healthy, loving relationships
  • physical health
  • intellectual stimulation
  • creature comforts, including a cozy home
  • feeling safe
  • feeling valued
  • (no consumer debt and) spare cash in the bank

I know some so-called rich people who are actually quite poor by my definition because certain needs are not being met.

And I know some average or low-income people who possess wealth beyond measure because they have everything BUT a lot of extra dough to throw around.

The key, I think, is recognizing and paying attention to your wealth, otherwise known as “counting your blessings”.

What does it matter how much abundance you possess, if you are too blind to recognize and value it?

Rock on,

The WB




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  • I wrote a similar post a few years ago for the A-Z. The conclusion I came to was that I was wealthy beyond my wildest imagination when I factor in the riches of my family, friends, and experiences.
    We’re on the same page. There are financially rich people who are unhappy/unfulfilled and vice versa. I’m glad to be in the latter category!

    • Me too! Also very glad to be in the latter category, Joanne. I’ve known more unhappy rich people than happy rich people, so far. I’m not drawing from a very large sample size, but large enough that I know that money cannot buy happiness.

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